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Omicron Variant: Australia defers plan to allow International students, skilled workers from December 1

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the main points

  • Australia has again delayed its decision to allow international students to enter from December 1.
  • This decision was made by Prime Minister Morrison, citing concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant.
  • He explained that the delay in reopening international borders was “at least” for two weeks.

Australia has decided to temporarily suspend its decision to reopen its borders to skilled workers and students from December 1. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in an emergency meeting, has delayed reopening for at least two weeks due to concerns about Omicron-type concerns. Students who were planning to travel to Australia to resume their classes are advised to note and make the necessary arrangements.

Regarding the emergency security meeting, Prime Minister Morrison described the delay as a “necessary and temporary decision”. On the advice of the medical team, the country has paused in order to better understand the new COVID variant, and thus prepare, and take the required steps. Borders will remain closed to most non-citizens under the ongoing ban.

Speaking of the decision, he said, “The pause will ensure that Austratlia can gather the information we need to better understand the Omicron variant.” He also cited concerns about a lack of information about the vaccine’s efficacy as much as concerns about a new alternative to Covid. He added that time would enable them to understand “the efficacy of the vaccine, the scope of the disease, including that it may generate minor symptoms, and the level of transmission.”

The decision will negatively affect thousands of students from India as well as skilled workers who are waiting to return to Australia. The country has imposed a ban on its international borders for nearly 20 months now. Earlier the country allowed the reopening of borders and entry of students starting from December 1. However, the matter was again suspended. Aside from India, border restrictions also apply to visitors from Japan and South Korea.


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