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OOIDA scholarship deadline approaches

The clock is ticking for dependents of OUIDA members seeking higher education to apply for the OUIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship. They have until the end of January.

Nearly $400,000 in scholarships has been awarded since the establishment of the OUIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship Program in 1998.

All required materials from applicants must be stamped no later than February 1. Required materials include a 500-word essay and a transcript from the applicant from a high school or higher education institution

Application information is available at OUIDA.com.

The OUIDA Scholarship Advisory Committee will conduct a blind evaluation to select the winners, who will be notified by letter after the OUIDA Spring Board of Directors meeting.

As part of the program, one scholarship of $2,000 and four scholarships of $1,000 are awarded. The funds will be transferred directly to the institution chosen by the student and can be renewed for a period of four years. A completed renewal form is required to renew the scholarship and will be mailed to the scholarship winners each year. An alternative will also be chosen.

Scholarship money can be used to cover tuition fees or legitimate school-related expenses. After verification of registration, OOODA will deposit funds directly into the student’s account at the institution of their choice.

Program contributors include OOOIDA members, corporate sponsors, Land Line Magazine, and Owner-Operator Services Inc. To join our growing list of sponsors, contact Andrew_King@OOIDA.com or send tax-deductible donations to:

OUIDA Foundation Inc.

1 NW OUIDA Engine

Grain Valley, MO 64029

2021 OUIDA Scholarship Winners

In 2021, Joel Cox, daughter of prominent member Tony Cox of Elk Horn, Kentucky, won a $2,000 scholarship. Colton Ballard, Jaden Hensley, Garrett Bennett, and Caden de Jong have received scholarships totaling $1,000. LL

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