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Our Lady Queen of Peace students shine at the annual science fair | Brazos Living

Three little Einsteins from Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School won best-in-show for their science fair submissions among their peers.

kAm%96 D4:6?46 72:C πŸ˜€ 2? ~{“! EC25:E:@? @7 >@C6 E92? a_ J62CD[ !C:?4:A2= }:C> %9@>2D D2:5]k^Am

kAm~FE @7 >@C6 E92? gd 6?EC:6D 3C@<6? FA 3J AC6<:?56C82CE6? E@E9:C5 8C256CD[ 7@FCE9 2?5 7:7E9 8C256CD 2?5 ;F?:@C 9:89 DEF56?ED[ @?6 7C@> 6249 =6G6= 62C?65 2 S`_ r9:4<u:=p 42C5 2?5 3C288:?8 C:89ED 2D 36DE:?D9@H %F6D52J ?:89E]k^Am

kAm”%96 D4:6?46 AC@;64ED 6?E2:= DEF56?ED 7:?5:?8 2 E@A:4 E92E :?E6C6DED E96>2.5 D@>6E9:?8 E96J H@F=5 =:<6 E@ =@@< :?E@ FD:?8 E96 D4:6?E:7:4 >6E9@5[” D4:6?46 E62496C !9:==:A }6HE@? yC] D2:5]β€œ(92E H6 ECJ E@ E6249 E96> :DE@ 7:?5 E9:?8D πŸ˜• E96:C 6G6CJ52J =:76 E92E :?E6C6DE E96> E@ 2AA=J E96 D4:6? E:7:4 >6E9@5 E@2CC:G6 2E D@>6 D@CE @7 5:D4@G6CJ H:E9 E92E]β€œk^Am

kAmxE E2F89E E96 DEF56?ED E@E9:?< 4C:E:42==J[ 2AA=J @3;64E:G6 DE2?52C5D 2?5 >62DFC6>6?ED[ >2<6 564:D:@?D 2?5 C6249 2 4@?4=FD:@?[ }6HE@? D2:5]k^Am

kAm%96J 92G6 E@ FD6 E96 D4:6?E:7:4 >6E9@5 3J 4@>:?8 FA H:E9 AC@;64ED[ C6D62C49:?8 2?5 F?56CDE2?5:?8 E96 E@A:4[ 7:?5:?8 2 9JA@E96D:D E@ ECJ E@ AC65:4E H92E H:== 92AA6?[ 56D:8?:?8 2? 6IA6C:>6?E E92E H:== E6DE E96 9JA@E96D:D[ 5@:?8 E96 6IA6C:>6?E 2?5 2CC:G:?8 2E 2 4@?4=FD:@? 32D65 @? E96 C6DF=ED[ }6HE@? D2:5]k^Am

kAm%9:C58C256C %96@5@C6 $E672?@G 564:565 E@ >2<6 2 >@56=7@C 9:D 6?ECJ[ 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmβ€œ|J AC@;64E H2D |2CD 2.59@H E96 A=2?6E 7F?4E:@?D 2.59@H E96 DJDE6>DH@C<[” $E672?@G D2:5] β€œx 7@F?5 @FE E92E :E H2D ?2>65 27E6C 2 #@>2? 8@5 β€” x ?6G6C 256 8:G6D 2? F?5:DE@CE65 G:6H @7 E96 H9@=6 A=2?6E]x 7@F?5 E92E @FE 3642FD6 E96 7=2E >2A 5:DE@CED E96 2C62D 3642FD6 E : DEC6E496D E @FE :?E@ 2 H@?

kAmw:D 72G@C:E6 A2CE H2D <2<:?8 E96 >@56=2.5 D=:56D 3642FD6 96 =:<6D E@EJA6 2.5 8=F6[ 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmw6 2=D@6?;@J65 FD:?8 E96 4@>A=:42E65 86@>6ECJ E92E 42>6 2=@?8 H:E9:E[ 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm”%96C6 2C6 E96D6 E9:?8D E92E =@@<=:<6 E96 D<:? @7 2 H2E6C>6=@?[ 2?5 E96 E9:??6C E96J 2C6[ E96 >@C6 DJ>>6EC:42= E96 8=@36 :D[” $E672?@G D2:5] β€œ|J 72G@C:E6 A2CE 23@FE H:??:?8 36DE:?D9@H πŸ˜€ 3642FD6 E96C6 πŸ˜€ 2 S`_ r9:4

kAmu@FCE98C256C pF5C6J $:>@?D@?’D AC@;64E :?4=F565 96C 7FCCJ 36DE 7C:6?5[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm”|J AC@;64E H2D 42==65 ‘q@C? E@$?:77[’” $:>@?D@? D2:5] xE H2D 23@FE:7 5@8D =:<65 4962A 42??65 5@8 7@@5 36EE6C @C 6IA6?D:G6 EC62ED]x 7@F?5 E96J =:<65 E96 6IA6 ?D:G6 EC62ED 36EE6C]|J 9JA@E96D:D H2D E96J H@F=5 =:<6 E96 42??65 5@8 7@@5 36EE6C]x E9@F89E E92E 3642FD6 E : H2D H6E 2 ?E :5 925 2 DEC@?86C D46?E @CD>6== 2?5 E : 89E >:89E E2DE6 >@C6 =:<6 49:4<6?]β€œk^Am

kAm(92E D96 7@F?5 πŸ˜€ E96 5@8D AC676CC65 E96 EC62ED >@C6[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm” %96 >@DE 7F? E9: ?8 E@5@ H:E9 E96 AC@;64E H2D D66: ?8 H92E E96 5@8D =: <65[” $:>@?D@? D2:5] β€œx 5:5 E96 AC@;64E H:E9 5:776C6?E 5@8D]” k^Am

kAm$:>@?D@?’D E6DE DF3;64ED :?4=F565 96C 2F?E’D 5@8D[ s@K6C 2?5 #@H5J[ 96C 2F?E’D 7C:6?5’D 5@8[ y:>>:6 s62?[ 96C ?6:893@CD’ 5@8[ {66C@J[ 2?5 96C 5@8[ s2:DJ[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm” q642FD6 x =:<6 5@8D 2.5 x H2D H@?56C:?8 H9:49 @?6 E96J H@F=5 =:<6 36EE6C[” D96 D2:5]β€œ~?6 @7 E96> =:<65 E96 5@8 7@@5 36EE6C[ H9:49 H2D {66C@J]β€œk^Am

kAmp?@E96C 36DE:?D9@H 42>6 7C@> 6:89E98C256C pF5C6J |F=9@==2?5]k^Am

kAm”|J D4:6?46 72:C AC@;64E H2D 23@FE 9@H 5:776C6?E EJA6D @7 r=@C@I 2.5 {JD@= H:A6D 4@F =5 <:== 2 G2C:6EJ @7 324E6C:2[” |F=9@==2?5 D2:5] β€œx 7:8FC65 @FE E92E E96 r=@C@IH:A6D H6C6 E96 36DE EJA6D @7 H:A6D[ 2?5 @?6 @7 >J 6IA6C:>6?ED H2D 4@?E2>:?2E65 367@C6 :E H6?E :?E@ E96 :?4F32E@C D@ :E 925 =:<6 D?@H7=2<6D @? :E[ D@ x 5:5 :E EH:46[ H9:49 8@E >6 2 =:EE=6 >@C6 244FC2E6 C6DF=ED]β€œk^Am

kAm$: ?46 D96 92D 2=H2JD 925 2? :?E6C6DE πŸ˜• >:4C@3:@=@8J[ E9:D H2D 8C62E 7@C 96C[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm” x = 62C?65 2 = @E 23@FE 324E6C:2 2.5 x = @@<65 2E H92E EJA6 @7 324E6C:2 DFCG:G65[” |F=9@==2?5 D2:5] β€œxE H2D G6CJ :?E6C6DE:?8]|J 72G@C:E6 A2CE H2D D66:?8 E96 A6EC:5:D96D H:E9 DEF77 8C@H:?8 :? :E]β€œk^Am

kAmq@E9 $E672?@G 2.5 |F=9@==2?5 A=2? @? 8@:?8 E@ E96 qC2K@C:2 r@F?EJ u2:CH:E9 E96:C AC@;64ED]k^Am

kAm”xE 96=AD E96>=62C? 9@HE@AC@3=6>D@=G6[ H9:49 πŸ˜€ D@>6E9:?8 E96J 2C6 8@:?8 E@ 92G6 E@ 5@ πŸ˜• E96 C62= H@C=5 H96? E96J’C6 H@C<:?8 H96? E96J 6?4@F?E6C C62= AC@3=6>D[” %9@>2D D2:5] β€œq642FD6 : E’D 2 E@A:4 @7 πŸ˜• E6C6DE 7@C E96>[ :E 96=AD D@>6 @7 E96> 5:D4@G6C H92E E96J >:89E H2?E E@ 5@ πŸ˜• E96 7FEFC6 2?5 H92E E96J H2?E E@ H@C< H:E9] %96 :>A@CE2?46 πŸ˜€ 4C:E:42= E9:?<:?8[ AC@3=6>D@=G:?8[ 2?5 D66:?8 2 AC@;64E E9C@F89]β€œk^Am

Raven Wuebker is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0152.



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