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Out: Graduation ceremonies and degree scrolls. In: Just-in time learning and skills certificates

Out: Graduation ceremonies and degree scrolls. In: Just-in time learning and skills certificates

Q: How about planning college places using CPR or cohort participation rate? Will this also become irrelevant?

a: We need to go beyond what we call CPR or cohort participation rate. If we have lifelong learning, we should have a lifetime cohort participation rate. And it doesn’t matter if you’re going to get a college degree, diploma or professional certificate, or at what age you do it.

We need to build a system that can support our students and staff to do timely learning, where learning is available on demand and accessible when the learner needs it. Young people will continue to be promoted, without necessarily calling it a degree. So this whole concept of CPR is becoming less and less relevant to our needs as a society moving forward.

In fact, I see more and more Singaporeans who are not interested in this full degree or diploma programme. They are highly targeted and very selective in pursuing those units that give them an edge in the job market.

So, for example, if you’ve already been working for a few years specializing in cybersecurity, you may need to take courses that give you very specific skill sets in certain operating systems.

I’ve seen more and more of these adult learners choosing these specialist modules, and I think it’s a good sign because we then move away from this whole thing where it should be a diploma or degree.

Q: There is a lot more diversity and more pathways in our education system now, including our higher education system. Can we expect more diverse paths and institutions going forward?

a: Yes, our schools and educational, post-secondary and university institutions offer many options. At the secondary level, you have the Singapore Mathematical School, the Art School, and the NUS Mathematics and Science High School.

You also have different programmes, from the International Baccalaureate to the Integrated Program, GCE O levels, GCE A levels. And at all levels.

I think we will have more and increasingly diverse options for our people because we are no longer taking a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we are in the process of mass customization to bring out the best in each person.

But I believe our mission and our sense is that our success is not determined by some measure or number, our success is whether each child can achieve his or her potential.

Many leading leading companies have their own training institutions, and we should not shy away from partnering with them, especially when it comes to continuing education, because this degree and diploma matter is but one frame of mind. about higher education. It’s really skills, the currency of knowledge that matter the most.

Why don’t we work with Google around the world to find out what else they’re doing? They may not offer a full degree program or a full diploma program, but they certainly offer valuable modules that our adult learners will want to take in.



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