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Owls Riding High Into In-State Showdown

Kennesaw State (3-6), (0-0) opposite South Georgia (8-2), (0-0)
Location: Kennesaw, J.A.; | call center
Date: Friday December 16
time: 7 p.m. EST
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The Kennesaw State women’s basketball team returns to play at the convention center after an 11-day hiatus to face an in-state competition in South Georgia.

The owls are coming out of the most exciting game of the season, carrying impetus from the 3 pointer tied to the game and hitting the bell from Amani Johnson To beat Foreman 70-59 in overtime on Monday, Dec.

KSU Athletics is offering fans the opportunity to participate in two exciting promotions: Ugly Night and Stay for Four Scholarships. The Owl Nation is invited to open their wardrobe and find the ugliest holiday jacket possible; Students can also log into the game with the Owl Rewards app to enter for a chance to win a $2,000 scholarship, but the winner must stay until the winner is announced in the fourth quarter.

Amazing Amani
For her heroic performance, Johnson was named ASUN Player of the Year on Monday afternoon.

Not only was this award given because the assistant captain of KSU offered her clutch gene at the end of the slate; It was Johnson’s most comprehensive show of the season.

The Pennsylvania player finished second among the Ulls with 14 points, but she also scored her 400th assisted pass with a performance of seven cents a season. Johnson’s four heists were also her best campaign production to date.

just forward Stacy Jones He’s held more Kennesaw state boards than Johnson’s six, but displaying stamina to seniors may be the most impressive feat of all.

Johnson played 44 minutes in the overtime contest, leaving only a minute out of the field.

deep end
Alexis Paul She cashed in over her 22 minutes on the convention center court against the Paladins, and she led the team with 19 points on the night.

She was Ellenwood, Ga. The original is also the primary reason the team looked so good off the free-throw line, making all 11 of their shots.

The achievement marks the third consecutive season that Paul has successfully fired 10 free throws in a competition.

Scouts of South Georgia
Georgia Southern stole the headlines last Monday, beating non-DI opponents Carver College 133-15. The victory margin of 118 points barely missed the record of 129 points.

The Eagles rank among the nation’s top 10 teams in eight different stat categories, including rebounds per game (3rd place – 47.9), scoring (4th place – 88.3) and stealing per game (5th place – 14.1).

Statistical rankings also show some weaknesses in the Georgia South game, which KSU may seek to exploit. The Eagles spin the ball quite a bit, 20.2 times per match to be exact. This number puts them in the bottom 10% of Division One teams. They also showed a high number of fouls in their competitions, eliminating 18.4 fouls per game.

Next game
Owls hit the road on Monday, December 20 to face the SEC’s Auburn Tigers at 1 p.m. at the Auburn Arena.

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