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Penn State Basketball’s comeback bid falls short in loss to Ohio State

Penn State Basketball made a comeback in the second half but failed to lose eight points to Ohio State in the opening game of the Big Ten for both teams Sunday night.

Penn State Basketball fell to Ohio State 76-64 in the opening B1G conference for both teams.

The Nittany Lions are now 4-4 on the year, 0-1 in the conference, after Sunday night’s loss.

Penn State Basketball went with a fresh new lineup, putting Cornwall with Sessoms, Beckett, Lundy and Harrar. Lions led the scoring by Beckett with 23 points and Lundy added 13 points.

This was former Homecoming Nittany Lion Jamari Wheeler, who moved to Ohio State to use his extra year after the release of Pat Chambers and the release of Jim Ferry.

Here was Wheeler’s reception during the pre-game introductions:

The students booed him the whole time unfortunately, clearly not understanding the disrespect that Wheeler had shown last year. The painted boxes illustrating TRAITOR were incredibly misleading and in bad taste for a player who gave his all to Nittany Lions for four years, completed the terms of his scholarship and graduated with his degree.

The Buckeyes had a 5-0, but the Lions responded with a 12-0 score with a hat-trick from Lundy and Pickett to force Buckeye early.

Penn State quickly fell into the iso ball attack and didn’t care about the ball and frankly gave the Buckeyes a wide open three-pointer and the lead disappeared as the Buckeyes led 19-15.

The rest of the half was more than the same. Lundy (11) and Pickett (10) kept it as close as possible, but lost on the counter-kick 17-11 as Ohio State finished the inning with a throw of E.J. Liddell (their middle) on Sam Sessoms (our very young goalkeeper) and the Buckeyes led 41-30 .

A second steal and a termination by Wheeler pushed Buckeye’s lead to 18 with 16:22, forcing Shrewsberry another timeout. The boos started to fade from the students as Jamari continued to do, well, whatever he wanted to do. He finished with 9 points (1-6 of 3), five rebounds, nine assists, and three steals…Jamari Wheeler’s classic streak.

Penn State Basketball is doing a late game, but comes up short against Ohio State

After six consecutive chances to break into the lead, a floater Pickett cut Buckeye’s lead to 12, and the closest game was in the Ohio State’s 18 lead multiple times gave Penn State some hope but Jamray Wheeler’s beautiful pass opened Buckeye three wide and like that, the lead returned to Fifteenth with 7:52 to go.

However, give the Lions credit for that, as some solid defense and consistently making free throws reduced Ohio State’s lead all the way to seven with BJC coming alive.

Buckeye’s three game was sandwiched between Cornwall’s jumper and two other Pickett throws. Penn State was 12-12 on the day and was only 6 behind with 2:39 to go.

But, OSU answered with three and the Lions ceded possession with another non-forced turn (14 of the match). A massive free throw missed by Harrar was followed by Buckeye’s spin and Pickett and 1 lowered the lead to 6 but Ohio State easily broke the injustice and got a wide open dunk to push the lead back 8 with 40secs left.

The Nittany Lions host a 7:00 p.m. bet before heading to East Lansing on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. to finish off the December conference slate.

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