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Percy Medina memorial scholarship to give $20K to local seniors

The family of Constable Percy Medina encourages high school seniors from Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Poteet and Charlotte ISDs to apply for the CPM Memorial Scholarship. Pictured are the Medina family at the Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park, San Antonio, in 2013. From left, are: daughter Priscilla Ann Castillo, son Gabriel P. Medina, wife Roberta Medina, Percy Medina, son Mark Medina, daughter Erica Medina Mitchell . COURTESY PHOTO

The family of the late Constable Percy Medina encourages seniors from Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Poteet and Charlotte high schools to apply for this year’s Constable Percy Medina Memorial Scholarship.

Since Percy began the program in 2010, over 46 scholarships have been awarded totaling more than $23,000. Thanks to the many generous donors and those who have participated in the fundraisers, awards totaling $20,000 will be given for 2022 alone.

His wife, Roberta, and four children, Erica, Priscilla, Gabe and Mark shared how his passing affected them, but how support from the community has helped his legacy to live on.

“The life-changing experience of losing our dad highlighted the incredible impact he had on so many folks, friends and family members,” the family said. “It has been two years and four months since Constable Percy Medina was called home to be with our Lord, yet we still hear stories on a regular basis from people that met him. They share their memories and express their gratitude for what he may have done or said.”

On Oct. 23, 2021, the family held the first-ever CPM Poker tournament which brought in a record fundraising amount for this cause.

“This impact was felt by the generous outpouring of support from family, friends, sponsors and attendees of The Inaugural CPM Poker Tournament last year,” the family added. “Their continued dedication to helping us carry on our dad’s legacy is greatly appreciated and we know we could not do it without them.”

According to Roberta, Percy started out giving away two $500 scholarships which, at the time, were only open to Pleasanton and Poteet students.

Percy would purchase whatever device was popular at the time, print and sell tickets, and use the proceeds to fund the scholarships. It later grew to four per year. When he passed away unexpectedly in October 2019, the family continued the scholarship program in his memory. Thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses, they were able to give six scholarships that year. Eight scholarships were given in 2021.

Percy was an ambitious man who worked hard, and eventually started his own business, which did very well. His determination to succeed allowed him to work his way up from the bottom. This instilled in him a passion for education and the better way of life he dreamed of for his own children.

“He wanted our kids to go to school and to strive to do the best they can. He wanted them to go to school and do better than him,” Roberta said. “He really wanted them to fly and they did.”

Percy’s drive to impact future generations went beyond leading and encouraging his own children to be successful and independent. He wanted to do more.

“Our family’s desire to expand and improve what Dad started is in our daily prayers,” his family said. “We will continue to strive for prosperity so that more of Atascosa County’s high school seniors can receive a helping hand climbing the ladder of success.”

Students from Pleasanton and Poteet are eligible for the two $5,000 scholarships. Ten $1,000 scholarships will be given to individual students in the four Atascosa County high schools. At least one student from each of the schools will receive an award.

The deadline to apply is April 8. Visit your high school counselor to request an application or email pmedinascholarship@gmail.com for more information.


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