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Pit Bulls Attack Two Detroit Students During Recess

Two Pit Bulls attacked a couple of students at the Bates Academy school in Detroit. According to the Associated Press, the children were having recess on Thursday around 1 pm when the dogs charged. Two students were injured in the attack.

A group of children was playing in a field near the school with the dogs. The dog bite victims were among them. Allegedly, the children were instructed to stop playing with the dogs by adults. Some of the students listened, while others continued to play with the vicious canines.

One of the dogs was captured by animal control. However, the other animal is still on the loose. It is not clear if both dogs attacked the students or just one.

Because they are minors, the identity of the students has not been released. The AP reports that the school educates students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Following the attack, the students were listed in a stable condition.

“The girls have dog bites and are reported to be healthy outside of the bites,” Superintendent Nikolai Vitti told The Detroit News.

“The school will use a controlled dismissal to ensure students are safe as they exit the building,” Vitti said.

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