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Portland High School’s Abigail Davison Awarded Full Scholarship through QuestBridge

Abigail Davison will attend Grinnell College in Iowa after graduating from Portland High School. You will do so on a full four-year scholarship through 2021 QuestBridge National College Match

2021 QuestBridge National College Match, is a national program that connects high school seniors from low-income backgrounds with full four-year scholarships to top colleges. From over 16,500 applicants, QuestBridge has selected 6,312 finalists to be considered for the QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship (Match Scholarship). This year, 45 university partners at QuestBridge matched 1,674 finalists, who were recognized as matching scholarship recipients. This is the largest number of matching scholarship recipients to date for QuestBridge.

Regarding QuestBridge, Davison told Beacon, “It’s a great program, and a must for anyone who can participate.”

Davison kept herself busy as a freshman in high school. She said, “I’ve kept my grades high and joined some clubs that I enjoy. I’m in a drama club and I’m an NHS major. I’m a very active member of the PHS band, I’m part of Community Orchestra, jazz band and other band working with fellow students. Last year I was the head drummer for the PHS marching squad. I am very honored that I led PHS in their rally season last year, and I will miss my teams family very much.”

She said, “Currently I am interested in studying psychology or physics. Unfortunately, Grinnell does not have a band, so I plan to find small bands to join in, or I may find some students who will build a band with me.”

She said, “I applied to QuestBridge after my undergraduate advisor told me about the program. How QuestBridge works is that you apply to the QuestBridge program and if you are a finalist, then apply an early decision to each of the colleges you are interested in,” Davison said. out. If you don’t get into college as a finalist, then you can apply for a regular resolution and still have generous financial aid in store. If you are a finalist and are accepted to QuestBridge, you are awarded a full scholarship (for four years). The program covers tuition, travel expenses, supplies/books, and room/food.”

Davison said, “When I first applied, I didn’t know many of the colleges on the list. I applied and crossed my fingers. I found out I was a finalist in mid-October, and started applying to colleges I loved. QuestBridge students find out if they match With a college on December 1st, so I waited impatiently.When I found out I was my Grinnell match, I was so excited (shouting loudly) but at the same time terrified.I’m going 7 hours away from my house and I’ve had very little time Very out of Michigan. I don’t think I’ve fully processed that I’m going away yet, but I’ve been trying to enjoy my time with my friends and school.”

“The achievements of match scholarship recipients are the culmination of their hard work and perseverance,” said Anna McCullough, Co-Founder and CEO of QuestBridge. “Thanks to the commitment of our college partners, these deserving students can reach their full potential without worrying about the cost of a great education.”

According to QuestBridge, the college’s 45 partners include liberal arts graduate colleges such as Amherst, Pomona, and Williams, and exceptional research universities such as Duke, Princeton, Stanford, UChicago, and Yale. The Match Scholarship is offered as part of the college’s generous financial aid package that covers the full cost of attendance, including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and travel expenses.

They said, “This year’s match scholarship recipients come from 49 states, as well as the territory of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.”

Since 2003, QuestBridge National College Match has linked more than 10,500 students to full scholarships from college partners. These 2021 scholarship recipients become the first QuestBridge Scholars for the class of 2026. Based on previous years, it is estimated that approximately 2,000 finalists will be accepted into QuestBridge College Partners later in the year through early and regular decision-making processes.

“These outstanding results motivate us to develop the program and continue to find meaningful and innovative ways to support our students,” McCullough said. “QuestBridge alumni are uniquely positioned to be thoughtful and broad-minded leaders, and we are proud and excited to help them realize their dreams after college.”

Interested students can learn more at https://www.questbridge.org/

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