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Possible FFA students

Dean Dryden, President of Valley/Adams Farm Bureau along with colleagues and teachers at the Meadows Valley School participate in a program designed to give Meadows Valley elementary and middle school students a good look at agriculture.

“We basically have is animal byproducts,” Dryden said.

“We have found ways to use the rest of the animal in different products. And see all these things up here? Yeah! These all have cow in them. What! I know, can you believe it?”

So they will figure out what byproducts are in the products that they use every day,” said Dryden.

“What about this? Yeah! Good job, you guys are pretty smart.”

“You know all sorts of things, they don’t realize that beef byproducts are used in them.”

“What about his? Yeah!!”

“We use 99% of that 1,000 pound animal.”

“So that’s one. Another one that we do is what ranchers do.”

“Probably the most important thing for raising cows is to keep them happy and healthy and then they’re gaining and it’s like these guys with the range. They take care of the range and the range takes care of them.”

“We teach kids about how we’re environmental stewards, how most of our farms and ranches are family owned and operated,” Dryden said.


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