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Post from Community: STRYV365 hosts Milwaukee youth a “A Motown Christmas” event

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STRYV365, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit dedicated to helping community youth navigate trauma through education, sports, and activities, hosted local students at the “A Motown Christmas” music event at the Riverside Theater.

STRYV365 was launched in 2020 by Milwaukee native Brandon J. Corey, Ph.D., and works with schools and caregivers to provide multifaceted curricula and programs tailored to engage young people in a fun and positive way.

“Childhood trauma is widely recognized as a serious problem, particularly among some of our most disadvantaged communities. It is not enough for us just to raise awareness of its impact,” Corey said. “At STRYV365, we are active people, working every day to provide our young people with tools they need to break the cycle of trauma and reach their full potential.”

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Currie stresses the importance of engaging with students in multiple ways, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected communities of color and further exposes inequalities in education, employment, and social mobility for these communities. Inviting students at STRYV partner schools to perform “A Motown Christmas” was an opportunity for Milwaukee-area youth to experience live music in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Since 2020, STRYV365 has served more than 3,500 students. After participating in the organization’s programming, 85 percent of students reported finding different ways to understand, analyze, and solve problems without conflict, and 83 percent said they learned critical thinking skills and sound decision-making. Of the more than 900 teachers, staff, and caregivers who participated in STRYV365 workshops and professional development opportunities, 86 percent said they use the strategies they learned in their work.

STRYV365’s current partner organizations include the Medical College of Wisconsin. Metropolitan YMCA Milwaukee; Malaika Early Learning Center; Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy; Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE); the Saint ; Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC); Milwaukee Academy of Sciences; and Brown Deere School District.

To learn more about STRYV365 or to support its mission, please email info@stryv365.org or call (414) 502-9576.

About STRYV365

STRYV365 works collaboratively with schools and youth caregivers to provide a customized, multi-faceted curriculum that engages young people in a fun and positive way. STRYV365 does not replace efforts that already exist, but builds on existing infrastructure to meet young people wherever they are. Using sports and activities, we teach young people the skills and mindset to overcome trauma and reach their full potential. Visit https://www.stryv365.org to find out more.


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