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Post-secondary students continue learning at a distance for now

College and university students do not return to in-class learning like their primary and secondary groups

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While elementary and high school students are scheduled to return to in-class learning Monday, many students attending Ontario colleges and universities are continuing their studies remotely.

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Domestically, students studying at Northern College or Collège Boréal will continue their studies online, except for certain programmes.

“Northern College continues to monitor the ongoing epidemiological situation in its campus communities, closely adhering to advice and guidance provided by local and regional health authorities and governments,” said Aaron Kloster, Vice President of Academic and Student Services.

“The College will continue to offer students a blended learning model consisting of distance, in-person and experiential learning opportunities as required by the curriculum to ensure learners gain the experience required to earn the required credential.”

Kloster assured that anyone who attends campus (Porcupine, Haileybury, Kirkland Lake or Moosonee) will strictly follow all health and safety protocols.

“Many Northern College employees and students currently work and study remotely, and those whose responsibilities and studies require attendance on campus in person, do so in full compliance with regional and provincial public health regulations,” he said.

“The college has also, under the direction of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, implemented a strict vaccination policy requiring all staff, students, and visitors to have at least two approved vaccines in order to attend both universities and many learning and service centers as well as worksites.”

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“Northern College places the safety of our students, staff, and community members above all else and will continue to operate with caution and consideration as the pandemic continues.”

At the Timmins campus of the Collège Boréal, the majority of students will continue their studies online until the end of the month.

“In terms of returning to class, we have a plan in place before Christmas, when the Chief Medical Officer of Health has asked universities and colleges to do their part to control the spread of the Omicron variant,” said Martin Laberge, director of communications.

“Therefore, the method of returning to normal in teaching will not take place before at least January 31. But since this week, laboratories that are considered necessary in person, are being introduced on campus. Laboratories which are considered necessary are allowed to be conducted on campus, Kabir pointed out. Medical officials of health. Some laboratories for students in health fields are an example of basic laboratories. But, almost the vast majority of classes are offered until January 28.”

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