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Premier of Tasmania – Border and reopening decision finally endorsed by opposition parties

February 1, 2022

Peter Gutwin, President of the State Council

The Greens plan released today is a strong endorsement of the Tasmanian government’s COVID-19 border reopening plan.

Their plan largely copies the set of government strategies currently in place.

They are glad that, after all their reckless and hysterical fear-mongering, their demands for borders to be closed and closed, the Greens now seem to support the opening of the borders, business and events.

The Greens must now apologize for undermining our plan that was based on public health advice.

While we welcome the Greens’ endorsement of many of the public health strategies already adopted by the Tasmanian government, it is disappointing to see other areas in which the Greens plan is misleading and inaccurate.

Amazingly, against nationally accepted public health advice that the best place for our students is to go back to our schools, the Greens have called for primary school students in Tasmania to be kept out of classrooms and effectively closed for more than two months.

Meanwhile, the Labor Party proved once again that it had nothing to offer as the supposed opposition of the state.

Their call for a politically stacked parliamentary inquiry is yet another desperate attempt to seek relevance and a headline when they have no value in contributing to the betterment of Tasmania.

Independent MP Kristi Johnston also appears to be bereft of any thoughts of her own after she has been out of work since early December, and is now joining the Labor Party calling for Parliament to be recalled when it has already been conspicuously left out.

Rather than playing with politics, the government worked alongside the people of Tasmania during this transitional period.

The government has sided with Public Health more than 20 times since borders reopened to answer hundreds of questions, and our ministers continue to appear daily to provide updates and answer any questions.

Tasmanians are transitioning to living with COVID-19, and while this is not without challenges, we’ve opened our borders with the best public health advice and one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.

We’ll continue to take our advice from experts in public health – not politicians who desperately seek fit.

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