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Prepare for final exam success

On the other hand, study groups may not help you memorize information, but they can be useful when reviewing concepts from class and analyzing problems together.

Choosing the right study strategy for the test type is an important part of having a successful final.

Use of Campus Resources: UNG has a lot of great resources to help students learn. If you’re struggling in a class, check with tutoring services to see if they can help. For specific assistance for a semester, take advantage of your professor’s business hours and email. The professors are there to help you learn, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from them! If you’re having trouble with study skills, staying organized, or other general college concerns, try meeting with an Academic Success Coach or the Nighthawk Navigator Peer Coach. Coaches have a lot of great strategies for how to succeed in college.

Stress management:

Take breaks: It’s easy to get so focused on studying that you forget to take care of yourself. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, studying for extended periods of time does not necessarily mean that you are learning the material. Try setting timers to remind yourself to take a break from studying. During breaks, let your mind rest for a few minutes and allow yourself to recharge so you can stay focused when you return to studying.

Practice self-care: You may be tired of hearing this, but it’s worth repeating. Staying up all night and skipping the shower isn’t a recipe for success. If your mind is tired from studying too much, it will be difficult to focus on your finals. Try making time to sleep and exercise, get some fresh air, spend time with a pet, or do other things that help you relax and recharge. While finals are important, your mental health should be your priority.

Student Advising Visit: If you have test anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues that interfere with your studies, try talking to someone at Student Counselling. Also, refer to this calendar for the finals preparation events they present.


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