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Professors give advice on finals

With the end of the semester comes Finals week filled with study and plenty of Rockstar consumption and team projects.

Finals Week starts on December 13th and ends on December 16th. The finals schedule can be found on the website by searching for ‘finals schedule’.

English teacher Kate Belknap had three tips for students when it came to Finals Week.

“First of all, don’t stay up all night. It will be completely counterproductive. Your brain works best when there is a lot of sleep under its belt,” Belknap said.

Her second tip was to check with the professors to make sure what they wanted to see in the final. She stated that previous coursework and conversation with the professor could send students in the direction of traffic with flying colors.

Belknap’s last advice came from the student’s point of view as she was still at school working on her Ph.D.

“[I wish I had] I knew about this when I was younger, trying to put myself in the position of a professor and trying to figure out what I would ask for as a professor. “It was amazing how often I was able to anticipate my professors’ questions once I started doing it,” Belknap said.

Criminal justice professor Dr. Eric Waters also provided advice to the students.

“Looking for a quiet place [that is] Less distraction. Even now when I try to categorize papers and things like that, and I need to block out all the sources of distraction, I listen to music, but I always just listen to instrumental music because if there are words in the music, it distracts me,” Waters said. Cumulatively, you know you need to prepare for a longer period of time because you have to study everything that happened in the course versus if it’s only been since the middle of the semester.”

Masters is a trusted resource when it comes to finals. They can offer class advice as well as study tips that will help students succeed in their college careers.

Finals will be the deciding factor for a lot of grades and students have been studying around campus to complete the last week.


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