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Projecting Vanderbilt’s 2022 Football Roster: The Returnees

With Vanderbilt’s football season winding down, it’s time to start looking forward to 2022. The early signing period is two weeks away, but first, we’ll take a look at everyone who will return to the Commodores next season.

As of now, a total of eight players have entered the transfer portal. I’m assuming those guys are gone, and while the NCAA gave everyone on the roster in 2020 an extra year of eligibility, I’m assuming that anyone who played four years at Vanderbilt – whether it was a fourth-year player who wasn’t late for K. in the 5th year – he is also gone (except for a couple of guys who I heard are coming back); But either way, such a player will not count against the Vanderbilt bonus limit if he returns. Here, I’ll also note any red jersey starters, who in the past often haven’t been back to Vanderbilt for a fifth year if they haven’t played much – those players who leave may free up additional scholarships. And of course there may be additional entries in the transfer portal.

Let’s get started.


Expected to return: Mike Wright (Junior), Ken Sales (Junior)

does not return: Jeremy Moses

Scholarships: 2

turn their backs

Expected to return: Re’Mahn Davis (redshirt junior), Rocko Griffin (junior), Patrick Smith (student), Dylan Betts-Pauley (junior student in red shirt)

does not return: Nobody

Scholarships: 4

broad receptors

Expected to return: Devin Boddie Jr. (redshirt junior), Will Sheppard (junior), Logan Kyle (redshirt second year), Quincy Skinner Jr. (2nd year student), Gamarion Carter (junior redshirt), Ezra McAllister (redshirt student)

does not return: Chris Pierce, Terrell Alexander, Cam Johnson, Amir Abdul Rahman

Scholarships: 6

narrow ends

Expected to return: Ben Bresnahan (big red shirt), Gavin Schoenwald (big red shirt), Justin Paul (small red shirt), Joel Decorcy (little red shirt), Brayden Pabst (red shirt Jr)

does not return: Nobody

Scholarships: 5

offensive line

Expected to return: Tyler Steen (big red shirt), Julian Hernandez (junior red shirt), Junior Eusebo (little red shirt), Bradley Ashmore (junior), Ben Cox (junior), Kevo Wesley (student in red shirt), Jason Brooks Jr. new red), Delphine Xavier Castillo (sophomore), Gunnar Hansen (red sophomore), Jake Ketschek (redshirt student), and Gage Pitchford (redshirt student)

does not return: Cole Clemens, Bryce Bailey, Jonathan Stewart

Possible departures: Dan Dawkins

Scholarships: 11 or 12

line of defense

Expected to return: Rashaan Wilkins Jr (big red shirt), Malik Langham (first red shirt), Devon Davis (big), Derek Green (rookie in red shirt), Nate Clifton (small red shirt), Christian James (newbie in red shirt), Devin Lee (second year student), Jack Sayad (student in red shirt), Tyler Pence (student in red shirt)

does not return: Lorenza Surgers, Alex Williams, Marcus Bradley, Tank Sugic

Scholarships: 9


Expected to return: Michael Uso (Senior), Elijah McAllister (large red shirt), Inverni Orji (Senior), Ethan Barr (junior), Michael Spencer (sophomore), Errington Truesdale (sophomore), Michael Minsey (student in sophomore), Miles Capers (second year student))

does not return: Brayden Default Smith, Felicity Afemoy

Possible departures: Alston Orgy

Scholarships: 7 or 8 (note: Owusu does not count toward the scholarship limit)

Defensive backs

Expected to return: Maxwell Worrashed (Senior), Dashawn Jerkins (First Red T-shirt), Jaylene Mahoney (Older), Justin Harris (Rookie in Red T-shirt), Chase Lloyd (Junior), Derrick Wright (Student in Red T-shirt), Tyson Russell (Student) Sophomore), James Ziegler III (sophomore), CJ Taylor (sophomore), John Howse IV (redshirt student), Marlen Sewell (redshirt student), Alan Wright (junior student)

does not return: Gabe Judy, Brendon Harris, Alan George

Possible departures: BJ Anderson

Scholarships: 11 or 12 (worship does not count)


Expected to return: Joseph Polovas (Senior), Jared Wheatley (Red Shirt Jr), Wesley Schilling (Red Shirt Sophomore)

does not return: Nobody

Possible departures: Harrison Smith

Scholarships: 2 or 3

As of now, the file Total The scholarship number ranges anywhere from 57 to 61 depending on some decision made by fourth-year juniors who have an extra year left but may not use it (or may enter the transfer gate) in the case of gambler Harrison Smith (and perhaps even Jared Wheatley) , maybe you can read something in the fact that Vanderbilt has a scholarship committed in the class of 2022; It seems unlikely that Vanderbilt would hold three punters on scholarship, although kicker Joseph Polovas (who hasn’t announced his comeback, but you can kind of assume based on the fact that Vanderbilt No This year’s kicker brought in) not relying on the limit mitigates that somewhat.

Since eight players have already entered the transfer gate, under the new NCAA rule, Vanderbilt can bring in up to 32 players in the entry class—but, unless some additional players enter the gate, the Commodores will face the 85-man overall limit. There are a few lower class men who can leave, but I don’t want to make any predictions right now.

Coming Soon: A look at the upcoming semester and where Vanderbilt still needs to add players.


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