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Prospect senior scores national sports writing award

Cameron Sullivan, a multimedia student at Prospect High School, recently received a prestigious national award in sports writing.

Cameron received an excellent rating for his sports writing efforts in the National Student Media Competition sponsored by the Association for Journalism Education. The competition was held virtually and included student journalists who competed in the writing and video categories.

Jason Block, Professor of Journalism at Prospect, sets the record straight: Of hundreds of competitors from across the country, only 37 top-ranked ratings have been issued by judges, and Cameron is the only sports writing effort to be recognized with this high honor.

“It means you’re one of the elite in your class nationwide,” Block says.

Cameron won elite recognition by crafting a story from a collection of facts and statistics about a fictional high school golf team. Unlike in years past when the competition was held at a national conference in person, students competed by submitting their entries online.

“I wish I could do well,” he says. “I was looking at Twitter and browsing the JEA Awards announcement, and I was surprised to see my name.”

Cameron started journalism and multimedia courses at Prospect as a freshman.

“I started fresh, and didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve had the time of my life for the past four years,” he says.

He has written for the school newspaper, Prospector, and is currently its online editor. He has also worked on his multimedia skills – for example, working as a broadcaster on Prospect football games.

Cameron, a college volleyball player, introduced himself to seven colleges with a focus on the College of Journalism and the future of sports media.

Block says, “I’ve seen Cam every day in his high school career, and watched his writing develop and his skills grow exponentially.”

Block oversees the students’ multimedia efforts, now known as Knight Media: Prospector’s print and electronic versions — the latter found on prospectornow.com — as well as the KnightTV broadcast team (vimeo.com/knighttv) and the Knight Voices podcast.

In addition to Cameron, six other multimedia students at Prospect have received excellent ratings in the National Student Media Competition.



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