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Quinnipiac to offer 8 ‘town scholarships’ to Hamden residents, cutting 75 percent off tuition

HAMDEN — Quinnipiac University will begin offering eight Hamden residents a “town scholarship” each year, officials said Monday, smoothing their path to higher education by cutting 75 percent off the cost of tuition at the institution

John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations, said Quinnipiac was committed to offering “eight scholarships totaling $300,000 per year once the program is fully implemented” in the Class of 2022.

“The new scholarship is available for qualified full-time students entering Quinnipiac as first-time students and is renewable for up to four years or the remainder of the undergraduate degree, whichever comes first, with a 2.5 cumulative grade point average,” Morgan said .

Mayor Lauren Garrett and Bethany Zemba, vice president for strategy and community relations with Quinnipiac, celebrated the agreement in a statement.

“A fundamental part of our strategic plan is the nurturing of internal and external communities,” said Zemba. “Working in collaboration with the town of Hamden to provide scholarship aid for promising students is in direct alignment with this goal. We see this as an important investment in the future talent of Hamden that we are pleased to be able to support.”

Garrett said she is grateful for the commitment that Quinnipiac University has made to provide opportunities to Hamden students.

“These scholarships will have a profound impact on Hamden students,” Garrett said. “This is another step forward in the close partnership between the town of Hamden and Quinnipiac University.”

Quinnipiac will also continue offering “its annual book award at Hamden High School,” which is “given to a junior with outstanding leadership qualities and academics” and includes a free application and a minimum scholarship of $15,000 per year to the university.


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