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Raatz: Starting the Second Half of Session

Raatz has authored 16 bills this session that have moved to the House.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana General Assembly has up the first half of the 2022 wrapped session. The Senate and House of Representatives have chosen and traded their respective bills for review. Now, the chambers will restart the process before the bills can be sent to the governor for final consideration.

The Senate started with 417 bills introduced, and 161 of these bills were passed. Of the 161 bills that passed, 92% received bipartisan support. There are 104 bills coming to the Senate from the House of Representatives in the second half.

I am an author of 16 bills that have moved to the other chamber. I look forward to shepherding them through the second half of the technology process, especially Senate Bills 2, 4 and 290.

Senate Bill 2 would ensure schools that had students who were forced to learn virtually due to COVID-19 at the start of the fall semester 2021 receive full funding if the student spent at least half of the total semester learning at school.

Senate Bill 4 would allow local units of government to create a fund to help attract and retain employees for continued business in their community. Funds could support financial resources such as grants and loans that can be used to attract and retain workers in Indiana.

Senate Bill 290 would create a career coaching pilot program, giving students in a school corporation the ability to explore careers and what they would do in that line of work. The General Assembly would receive an annual report that provides information on this program and if it impacts graduation rates.

These three bills all passed the Senate unanimously.

I think these bills, and the other 13 that I authored, will make a positive impact on Indiana and help improve a number of issues for Hoosiers.

For more information on my legislation or to watch the Senate session, visit iga.in.gov.

If you have any questions or concerns on these or other topics, feel free to contact me at Senator.Raatz@iga.in.gov or 317-233-0930.



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