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Registrars: some advice before you fly solo

Over the past few years in this time of new beginnings, I’ve given some advice to trainees (hereAnd here, And here).

These cultivators have now grown up and should not be forgotten. are now senior residents or registered; They are almost ready to fly on their own!

By the third, fourth, or fifth year of navigating the system, registrants know their way around the hospital; Know what shapes are for what; Dealing with how things get done; They have an idea of ​​the specialist training they want to do; Find out where to get good coffee and other types of sustenance.

They will also know the order in which consultants are selected, the hierarchy of trainee doctors, the names of juniors and nurses, and perhaps even medical students attached to the team.

Clinical and professional advice for clinicians at this stage of training is freely available in a number of places (some references are given at the bottom of this article). However, I would suggest that those at this level of their career consider some concepts that do not usually appear in general online advice, and are not usually offered by older adults. These suggestions actually remain invisible to many clinicians until their graduation years, leading to frustration, regret, unfulfillment mid-career and late work.

Pharmaceutical Advantage Scheme (PBS)

A prescriber number is issued to physicians upon registration and forms part of Australia’s prescribing system.

Young doctors will save a lot of time and effort if they order their own prescriptions, rather than having to write their name, address, and prescriber numbers on every script on generic hospital medical notebooks. It also makes life much easier for pharmacists.

Now is the perfect time to learn about the various state and federal prescription rules, particularly the Positive Behavior Support System. Time and time again, community GPs and pharmacists need to correct hospital texts that do not comply with the Positive Behavior Support rules.

Spending time with a pharmacist to discuss the rules may help in this process.

Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS)

Over time, young physicians are exposed to employment opportunities outside of teaching hospital settings. This may be organized as part of a training scheme, or it may be more individualized, such as local work or private counseling.

Before undertaking any work outside the teaching hospital, it is important to have an understanding of Mohammed bin Salman. The provider number is usually required for most businesses. The rules governing who may own the service provider number take into account the stage of training, geographic location and residence status. Initial applications for provider numbers may take some time, while additional numbers are usually faster.

It is essential to have an understanding of the item numbers related to different services. Failure to use the correct numbers may result in patients out of pocket or the provider’s need to return funds to Medicare.

Private practice vs. general practice

The two are not contradictory.

The convenience of getting a paycheck, retirement benefits and vacations drives many young doctors to choose a career in a salaried job.

While private practice comes with more routine, it allows for more earning potential as well as more independence in a person’s time and movement.

The beauty of the Australian system is that doctors can do a mixture of both public and private.

related to

Most trainee doctors join college by the third or fourth year, as it has become difficult to maintain consistent work in the Australian medical system without being in a training program or holding a fellowship.

Colleges are mainly about education, training and standards. Some colleges are expanding their roles, entering into member services and industrial relations; However, this is still controversial and varies from college to college.

In my experience, it is wise for physicians to join one or more professional organizations that can provide help and advice in a full range of areas, including professional, industrial and financial. These organizations also provide opportunities for networking and social interaction with colleagues.


It is said that in life, death and taxes are inevitable. To this list I would like to add insurances!

In a highly regulated and risk-averse society and economy like Australia, we need all kinds of insurances.

While hospitals cover their junior medical officers under state insurance arrangements, it is wise for physicians to take out their own medical reimbursement insurance. As doctors become more experienced, some potential insurance issues may slip through the loopholes of state insurance. Your own medical defense organization is also a source of professional advice and risk management.

Young doctors should seriously consider their health insurance. Income protection insurance and life insurance are also worth considering, especially if they are involved in mortgages and other loans.


Many junior doctors rely on the equipment they find on the job.

It can be helpful to consider having a small inventory of quality equipment at home or in the car, when work unexpectedly calls.


Whether on paper or online, it is always essential to have a consistent and reliable supply of quality medical information. The hospital’s IT services and library have a wealth of resources. However, as clinicians progress through their training, the need for information becomes more specialized and needs to be adapted to the individual. So, now is the time to consider investing and subscribing to some quality magazines.

I wish you a wonderful continuation of your career!

Dr. Aniello Iannuzzi is a Visiting Medical Officer at Conabarbaran District Hospital, General Practitioner, and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and the University of New England. He is the president of the Australian Medical Association.

Some resources for registrants:

The statements or opinions expressed in this article reflect the views of the authors and do not represent the official policy of the AMA, and Mia or Insight + Unless it is mentioned.

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