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Resident Artist Scholarship Applications Now Open!

https://atlanticactingschool.org/ https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/scholarships/ https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/scholarships/ The Atlantic School of Acting is pleased to announce the Artist-in-Residence Scholarship (https://atlanticactingschool.org /Programs/scholarships/), a new scholarship initiative designed specifically for artists looking to continue and build on their six-week Summer Intensive training (https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/summer/). During this application period, an additional $500 partial scholarship will be awarded for honorable mentions. Immerse yourself in a lifelong artistic community as you gain a practical and nuanced understanding of Atlantic technique, practical aesthetics. https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/scholarships/ In this 2-minute video, please explain how you hope the Atlantic Internship will help you advance your career at this very moment. What are you looking for? why now? We also ask for a resume that shows previous work and your level of training. Be creative! Applications for Summer 2022 are due on January 10, 2022. https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/summer/ July 5 – August 12, 2022 Mon – Fri | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET + guest lessons on Saturdays! An ambitious six-week course, the Summer Intensive course fully immerses students in Atlantic’s distinctive acting style and collaborative approach to honest storytelling. Students will work with dramatic texts and will be guided in a disciplined approach to scenario analysis and honest, moment-to-moment action. These skills will be brought together in the classroom performance of the subject. Applications for Summer 2022 are due on January 10, 2022. https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/summer/ https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/summer/ 23 May – 1 July 2022 Mon – Fri | 1 – 5:15 p.m. ET Runs for six weeks, Inclusive Spring is a rigorous program that challenges students to embody Atlantic technique, practical aesthetics – as outlined in the Actor’s Practical Guide. Students will rely on text analysis and adjust the moment to bring them together as a group. Each day, students will build their foundations in the honest storytelling and collaboration that drives the Atlantic. Applications for Spring 2022 are due on January 10, 2022. https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/summer/ https://atlanticactingschool.org/apply/go/ https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/part-time-classes In Person / Upcoming chapters include: Acting Lab for Beginners An excellent start or refresher for a rookie mature actor. Explore acting exercises and techniques to develop your understanding of how to deliver a persuasive and honest performance. Jan 23 – Mar 6, 2022 (in person) (https://go.asapconnected.com/?org=3705#EventID=1985179) Sun 11am – 2pm ET Jan 23 – Mar 6, 2022 (remotely) (https: //go.asapconnected.com/?org=3705#EventID=1985166) Sundays 2:30-4pm ET Technique Lab I Eight-week introduction to Atlantic Technology. Learn how to analyze a scene, honestly run the action, and maintain an emotional connection with your scene partner. Together, this results in powerful and compelling performance options. Application and interview required. Jan 24 – Mar 21, 2022 (in person) (https://atlantictheatercompany.wufoo.com/forms/technique-lab-i-interview/) Mon 7-10pm ET Jan 24 – Mar 21, 2022 (remotely) ( https://atlantictheatercompany.wufoo.com/forms/technique-lab-i-interview/) (https://atlantictheatercompany.wufoo.com/forms/technique-lab-i-interview/) Mondays 7-9 PM ET Test Lab with Cast Director Todd Thaler This workshop is perfect for all actors looking to make the most out of every exam day Camera, self-tape, and trial season by immediately applying these tips and techniques. Feb 15 – Mar 8, 2022 (in person) (https://go.asapconnected.com/?org=3705#EventID=1985172) Tue 7-10pm ET https://atlanticactingschool.org/programs/part-time – cycles-in-person /


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