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Rockstar Games Makes 5 Games Free for Limited Time

Rockstar Games – the developer behind games and series like Grand Theft AutoAnd Red Dead Redemption, And Bully Five games made free for a limited time, but there are some catches. The first catch, the bigger of the two, is that only one of these five games can be downloaded. In other words, five games are free, but you can only choose one. The other catch is that this is done via the Rockstar Launcher, so it’s limited to PC only. If you’re using a Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, you’re out of luck. It should also be noted that these games are not free forever. This offer is only available until January 5th. Once downloaded, the game remains yours, but you only have until January 5th to choose your game.

As for the games, Grand Theft Auto Fans have a choice between Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition And Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition. at the same time, Bully: Scholarship EditionAnd Max Payne, And black All are also available. Unfortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 Its predecessor is not available. If none of these games pique your interest, you also have the option to get free money in GTA Online or Red Dead Online.

With rumors that bully 2 It is happening, Bully: Scholarship Edition It might be a good pick if you don’t own it and haven’t played it. Meanwhile with the next generation “Extended and Enhanced” version of GTA 5 Coming soon and re-release rumors GTA 4, Both GT The games might be worth a pass. naturally, Max Payne 3 Only worth the download if you play the first two. then there a nighte, which is unlikely to continue forward as a series, but is still a great standalone game.

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