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Rutgers Expands Scholarship To East Orange, Orange, Irvington

ESSEX County, NJ – The following press release comes with permission from Rutgers University. Learn more about posting announcements or events on your local Patch site.

Rutgers University-Newark has announced that it is significantly expanding a scholarship program that has already helped thousands of New Jersey students achieve their dream of going to college. Since 2016, Rutgers University – Newark Talent & Opportunity Pathways (RU-N to the TOP) has made scholarships available to nearly 5,000 students to cover the difference between other aid they receive and the full cost of tuition and mandatory in-state fees. Starting in the fall of 2022, RU-N on the TOP will significantly expand eligibility to fulfill many dreams.

Currently, accepted undergraduate students with a family income of $60,000 or less who are either residents of Newark or transferring from any community college in New Jersey are eligible for the scholarship. Beginning in Fall 2022, RU-N to TOP will cover students with a family income of $65,000 or less and will add the cities of East Orange, Orange, and Irvington to its eligibility geographic areas.

“We anticipate that hundreds of new students will be eligible for scholarships at Rutgers-Newark through RU-N to expand the TOP,” said Rutgers-Newark chancellor Nancy Kantor. “By increasing the range of eligible family and township incomes, we significantly increase the affordability of undergraduate education at Rutgers-Newark for students from a larger sector of the state.”

RU-N’s expansion to TOP is designed to align with the Garden State Guarantee program announced last spring by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Minister of Higher Education Brian Bridges. Under this initiative, effective fall 2022, the four-year New Jersey public institutions will ensure that financial assistance from state, federal, institutional and other grants or scholarships will eliminate the cost of in-state tuition and mandatory fees for the third and fourth years. of full-time undergraduate study for New Jersey residents with a household income of less than $65,000. Under the garden state guarantee, institutions will also be obligated to keep the net cost of in-state tuition and mandatory fees for those years below $7,500 for students with family incomes between $65,000 and $80,000. Cantor said Rutgers-Newark is also formulating plans to keep net costs lower for students whose household incomes range from $65,000 to $100,000.

“As families across New Jersey prepare to gather for the holidays, we want everyone to know that we take our role as an established institution in our community very seriously,” she said. “An essential part of that is doing everything we can to make sure that college is within reach. Education is the door to success. Access and affordability are key to that door and we are determined to put these keys in the hands of as many students as possible.”

Complete information on eligibility for RU-N to TOP can be found here: https://myrun.newark.rutgers.edu/top-expanded-fall22.

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