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SaaS and Machine Learning ML Based Career Counselling Platform And How It Benefits Students Schools And Educators

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) models and machine learning-based career guidance platforms ensure that students are led to the right career paths and technology to its fullest potential.

“Times, they are changing…” are not only common words for Bob Dylan, but they are very applicable today specifically when we look at current job markets and the rate at which professions have developed over the past decade. Whether it’s in technology or the arts, change has not only been constant, but also rapid.

With this rapid change, the need to enhance career guidance platforms was almost inevitable. The lack of awareness among students is illustrated according to research by Mindler, an education technology platform, which found that more than 93 percent of students are aware of fewer than 7 career options.

Like anything else, using technology is certainly one of the most effective ways to keep up with the pace of this development. This is where SaaS (Software as a Service) models and machine learning-based career guidance platforms come in and play a huge role in ensuring not only that students are directed to the right career paths, but also in making sure technology is harnessed to its full potential to reduce human bias through the whole process.

While the final decision to pursue a particular career path should be made by the student/individual involved, algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the logic of a decision tree, certainly help in narrowing down the choices. These algorithms take into account various parameters that a psychometric specialist typically implements in their practice, and produce a result that weighs perfectly across all data points.

The output of these technology-led tools is that students can discover career paths where they are most likely to succeed as these career paths align with their unique talents and abilities. This also allows students to discover emerging career paths and assess their growth potential.

The benefits of this unbiased process are very clear both at the surface level and at the grassroots level, proving the extent of the impact that these platforms can have on students, schools and teachers as well. For schools, the platforms ensure career guidance becomes an operational boon, and that everything gets structured in terms of data seamlessly.

Since more than 99 percent of schools in our country lack career guidance preparation, these solutions enable schools to create a comprehensive career guidance ecosystem and develop learning strategies in line with students’ aspirations.

Educators also get a chance to develop their skills using the latest technology and have access to all career guidance tools under one roof, rather than having to gather information from multiple sources. These systems are able to accurately understand and suggest information that a career advisor needs to his students. This directly helps students because they are consumers who receive high-quality professional advice and guidance, and are able to make informed decisions about their future.

Several platforms are leading the way when it comes to helping create independent career guidance ecosystems in schools and colleges through their SaaS model that is fully technology-enabled and powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Used by more than 250 schools and more than 300 independent career coaches, across 5 countries, these platforms are a one-stop solution for both teachers and students to get all answers to their career guidance queries through tools such as Best in Class Five Dimensional Psychological Assessment, Extensive college database, detailed library of entrance exams, career simulators, video logs, blogs, college planning tools, analytical insights, alumni linking platform, and access to an extensive list of scholarships. The fact that it was possible to squeeze so much into one platform, is only due to the end use of the technology to impart maximum benefits to the students.

Choosing the right profession is one of the most important and important decisions a person makes in his life, and it is imperative that it be done correctly. SaaS-based career guidance platforms are not only here to stay, they will only evolve with the pace of technology to ensure that students and educators have access to the latest information at their fingertips. This is how the career guidance landscape in the country is being reimagined even as you are reading this, and with technology, the sure thing is accuracy, and accuracy follows success; The two components of a successful career choice for a student.



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