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SAD-BSP heading towards landslide victory in Punjab, says Sukhbir Badal

Shirumani Akali Dal (SAD) Chairman Sukhbir Singh Padal said his party, along with his coalition partner, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), is heading towards a landslide victory in the February 20 Punjab elections. He addressed public rallies in support of BSP candidate Shiv Kumar in Pasi Pathana and SPD candidate Jagdeep Singh Cheema in Fateh Garah Sahib on Monday.

Addressing the rallies, Sukhbir said Punjab was bent on voting for the “corrupt and fraudulent” Congress government, while at the same time refusing to restore confidence in the AAP, which he said was the “party of outsiders”.

“The Congress party has not made a single pro-people decision in the past five years, while the AAP has introduced corruption into Punjab politics by selling party tickets to bad elements,” Sukhbir said.

He said the Congress government had refused scholarships for high commission students and free bikes for female students. It also stopped distributing sports kits and establishing gymnasiums, and started initiatives during the previous regime led by SAD. “People have been kept away from basic facilities by closing Suwa Kendra,” said Sukhbir.

He also urged people to beware of Chief Minister Charangit Chani and the alleged “Mafia Raj” who brought him into the state. ” RRs 10 crore from Chaney’s nephew Honey was just the tip of the iceberg. Crores (Rs) of illicit wealth were transferred from Chani’s private home in Morinda to the official residence of the Prime Minister in Chandigarh,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Sukhbir, targeting AAP organizer Arvind Kejriwal, said how many times the Delhi chief minister visited Punjab in the past five years. Kejriwal did not even bother to send any medical or other relief to Punjab during the height of the epidemic. Now, he is trying to deceive Punjab by asking for a chance when he knows he cannot communicate anything,” said Sukhbir.

Rather than do anything for Punjab, he said, Kejriwal advocated moving the state’s river water to Haryana and Delhi, shutting down thermal plants in Punjab, and imposing standard punishment on farmers for burning leftover rice.

Badal also condemned Kejriwal’s alleged refusal to order the release of Devender Pal Singh Bholar, convicted in the 1993 Delhi bombing case.



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