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Safe driving course for Newport students

Students at St. Mary’s High School in Newport learn how to change a car’s wheel during the school’s safe driving course.

The experience of driving behind the wheel during an “impact” – without the usual attendant risks – was conducted as an educational exercise by students at a local school.

By using specialized “beer” goggles to nearly mimic the effects of alcohol or drugs on a driver, transitional year students at St. Mary’s High School in Newport got the experience of running “behind the wheel during impact.”

It was part of a two-day program in Student Safe Driving, under the supervision and guidance of a qualified driving instructor.

Students had the opportunity to drive a car with a driving instructor on hand, learn the safest and correct procedure for changing a steering wheel and experience what it’s like to drive under the influence of specialized goggles.

They also had a workshop in the college computer room where they tested their reaction behind the wheel and learned the cost of insurance for new drivers.

The course was offered by the Irish School of Excellence and specifically targeted towards the transitional year and second-level applied students.

Each student was also given instructions on using the Sat Navigation and Practice Theoretical Exam, as required to qualify for a driver’s license. They also have expert advice and instructions on buying and taxing a car, green power unit, road safety unit, and some instruction in basic mechanics.

The school gave a huge “thank you” to the company for this useful and enjoyable experience for the students.

The LCVP students in the school also arranged e-mobility, Segways for schools to visit the school and advise on the safe use of some e-scooters, etc. The day began with a business chat by COO Aidan and Evan Kelly, MDs for the company.

The students also enjoyed some delicious biscuits made by fifth year student Erin Kennedy.

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