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Scholarship Applications for 2022 iaedp™ Symposium Available Now Through December 31, 2021 | News

Bikin, Illinois.And December 22 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp™), recognized for its high-level educational and training standards for eating disorder healthcare professionals, has announced its scholarship offer for the 36th annual iaedp™ symposium to be held March 24 – 27, 2022, lodging and person at the Omni Resort at ChampionsGate in Orlando.

The scholarship application period for the IAEDP™ Seminar will open at December 14, 2021 and remain open through December 31, 2021. Applications can be found and submitted online at https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/sv/pEYyKsd/scholarship?

First-time attendees of the IAEDP™ seminar or IAEDP™ members who are in financial distress are eligible to apply. The majority of the scholarship covers the registration fee for the four-day educational and training conference. The financial aid scholarships also provide the majority of the IAEDP™ seminar registration fees. Recipients pay a 350 dollars register fees.

The scholarships available for the 2022 iaedp™ symposium are as follows:

Scholarships for AAEDP-BIPOC Committees

The iaedp™ AAEDP-BIPOC Seminar Scholarship awards 10 qualified applicants who are clinicians, researchers, or students who have demonstrated a commitment to the treatment, education, prevention, research, or advocacy of eating disorders in the BIPOC community (Blacks, Indigenous People, and People of Color).

Eligibility for BIPOC scholarship candidates include a physician, researcher, or student who has five or less years of experience working in the field of eating disorders or who is attending for the first time an iaedp™ seminar and has demonstrated a commitment to the treatment, education, prevention, research and/or advocacy of eating disorders in BIPOC communities (Blacks, Population Natives, and Coloreds).

Dick Wilson Scholarship

The Dick Wilson Scholarship covers the cost of full registration for the IAEDP™ Seminar.

Irene Ridder Foundation Scholarship

The Erin Riederer Foundation Scholarship provides financial support towards completing the iaedp™ certification process. Physicians seeking the traditional certification path are encouraged to apply by outlining the reasons why the certification is important to them and how this scholarship will support practicality. Preference is given to those doctors working in it Wisconsin.

Over 30 hours of continuing education for therapy and research presentations are scheduled to take place during the 2022 IAEDP™ Symposium. Attendees will experience both informative presentations and exclusive networking opportunities and also have the option to participate in certification training, which begins one day before the opening day of the conference.

About the IAEDP™ Foundation: Since 1985, the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals has provided education and training standards for an international, multidisciplinary group of diverse providers of treatment, health care, and allied professions. MemberSHARE.iaedp.com is an iaedp™ business magazine and online resource for members to learn about members’ noteworthy achievements, continuing education webinars and US and international chapter activities and events; For more information, visit MemberSHARE.

The IAEDP™ Board of Chairs, which provides organizational support, includes: Center for Change; discovery center; Eating Recovery Center. willow place; Award-Winning Eating Disorders Program; Rogers’ Farm for Behavioral Health; Rosewood Eating Disorder Centers. Renfrew Center Prayer House Wooden Knolls. Veritas Cooperative; conservation centers for eating disorder treatment and recovery; Walden behavioral care; KIPU Health and SunCloud Health; Bathlight Mood and Anxiety Center and ClearStep.

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