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Scholarship crunch; Ahrens’ playing time; Haskins over Burrow?

Bucknuts.com’s Steve Helwagen hosted his weekly Chat on Tuesday night on The Front Row message board. Check out the transcript below.

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foxr2001: Got a few questions, I’ll post each separately.

There’s been a lot of discussion over the last 2 years about whether Meyer made a mistake picking Haskins over Burrow. Seems to me that some of the arguments are a bit forgetful in that Burrow was injured in the spring and Haskins overtook Burrow at that point. Given that Burrow’s first year at LSU was nothing special and that if we had Burrow for 2 seasons (2018, 2019) we wouldn’t have landed Fields, it just all adds up that Haskins was the right choice in 2018. What are your views on Burrow vs Haskins as the OSU starter in 2018? Do you think losing Burrow set us back in any way between 2018 and 2021?

Helwagen: Yes, they will re-litigate this one until the end of time.

I used to play poker and guys would want to look at the cards that weren’t dealt or whatever people had folded and one of the guys would remark, “Yeah, that’s like looking up a dead horse’s a**”

The moral of the story was regardless of whatever you see after the fact, the horse is still dead and how the horse died is really immaterial.

Same thing here in my book.

But Meyer and Day did everything they were supposed to do. Burrow was hurt in 2017 with the hand injury, making Haskins by default the backup. He cemented it by delivering the win over Michigan in Ann Arbor when Barrett got hurt.

I think Burrow was fine by the following spring. But if all things were equal, the ties were going to go to Haskins because of what he had done against Michigan.

We did not attend practices that spring other than a day or two, so I can’t say who was better in practice.

Here were the stats from the spring game, which I don’t think had much impact on the coaches’ thinking:

Burrow, a fourth-year junior, was 15 of 22 passing for 238 yards and two touchdowns.

Haskins, a third-year sophomore, was 9 of 20 passing for 120 yards and two touchdowns.

As the story goes, the Burrows told Meyer and Day before the spring that if he did not win the job after spring ball then he would graduate and transfer, which he did as we all know to LSU.

Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns and ran for 4 more. They lost to Purdue. They gave up 49 points in that game and Haskins thew for 470 yards. They didn’t miss out on the playoff because of anything he did or did not do.

Obviously, Burrow has the greatest season any team or QB ever has the next year and wins the Heisman.

Hindsight is obviously 20/20. But I have no problem with what they did. They thought they had a great QB and they did. I don’t know what people would have had them do. It wasn’t obvious then even if it seems obvious now.

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