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Scholarship Program Launched For Beneficiaries

The program aims to support direct beneficiary students from project affected areas to complete their higher education.

At present, the program is applicable to students from the following project areas:

  • Ok Tedi Mine villages;
  • The CMCA District is in the Western District;
  • Kotobu, Gobi and Moran oil projects;
  • PNGLNG Factory Site Villages;
  • PNGLNG Pipeline Part 1-7 f;
  • hides 4

At the launch of the scholarship program, MRDC Managing Director Augustine Manu said they recognize that education is the strongest and most effective individual investment that has the potential to create positive change for people in project-affected areas.

“There is no better way to invest the revenue from our limited resources than to educate our children, especially as they reach higher education and are ready to make lifelong career decisions,” said Mr. Manu.

Mr. Manu encouraged students from the project areas to enroll in institutions of higher education for the first time or continue this year to seek assistance from their sub-directors to apply for the grant. “I want to see as many students as possible in the areas affected by our project benefit from this programme,” he said.

For the 2022 scholarships, the following applications will be evaluated by the MRDC Scholarship Awards Committee, and only those who meet the application criteria and are successful will be awarded scholarships.”

Mr. Manu also clarified that the scholarship is currently applicable to students from certain project areas of the PNGLNG project and not all project areas.

“Hides, Angora, and Juha are not included in this scholarship program because clan screening for these areas has not been conducted but once clan screening process for these areas is completed, their students will be included in the program.”

The program was piloted last year and has achieved success with 556 students from across the project areas with the support of MRDC with more than 2.4 million KWs to complete their higher education at various educational institutions in the country.

“All of these resource projects will come to an end one day. Investing in the education of younger generations in the project areas is now a major focus for MRDC through its subsidiaries,” said Mr. Manu.

The 2022 scholarship awards are now open and MRDC is inviting students as direct beneficiaries from Ok Tedi Mine Villages Resource Project Areas, CMCA District, Kutubu, Gobe and Moran Oil Project Areas, PNGLNG Plant Site Villages and PNGLNG Pipeline Segment 1-7 Hides 4 is applying for a scholarship To pursue their higher education this year.

Scholarship details are available on the MRDC website at www.mrdc.com.pg. The scholarship ends on February 7, 2022.



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