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JN Tata Endowment Loan Scholarship 2022-23

JN Tata Endowment is inviting applications for loan grants from Indians who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad. Candidates selected for the Loan Scholarship may be recommended for a partial ‘Travel Grant’ and ‘Gift Award’ – which are linked to their academic performance in their overseas studies for which they have been awarded the JN Tata Endowment Loan Scholarship.

Candidates must be Indians, not more than 45 years of age as of June 30, 2022, and have completed at least one undergraduate degree or be in the final year of any undergraduate program at a recognized university/college/institution in India. Candidates who are at the end of their first year and entering their second year of study abroad (Fall 2022 – Spring 2023) are also eligible to apply. This only applies if the minimum course duration is two years and there is at least one full academic year left to complete at the time the loan award is granted, usually by July of any calendar year. Candidates must have scored at least 60 percent of the marks on average in their undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

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Prizes and Rewards: Loan Grant up to Rs 10 lakh
Application deadline: 03-21-2022
Application mode: Online applications only

Short URL: www.b4s.in/tt/JNT1

COVID Crisis Support Scholarship Scheme (Jyoti Prakash) 2021

The Covid Crisis Support Scholarship Scheme (Jyoti Prakash) aims to support children who are left in a vulnerable situation and have very little or no financial support to continue their education due to a Covid-led crisis in their families.

Eligibility – Eligibility:It is open to Indian students from first grade to graduation. People who have gone through any of the following crisis situations – loss of parent(s)/a salary earning family member since January 2020 or loss of job/work for a salary earning family member(s) can apply.
Prizes and Rewards: Up to 30,000 rupees per year and extension benefits
Application deadline: 01/31-2022
Application mode: Online applications only
Short URL: www.b4s.in/tt/CCSP1

ISI Kolkata SERB Research Associateship 2021

ISI Kolkata SERB Research Associateship 2021 is a PhD research opportunity. Certificate holders.

Eligibility – Eligibility: Affiliation is open to candidates who are 35 years old and hold a Ph.D. Degree (with good academic record) Degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, or related fields, with good publications and good knowledge in computer programming.
Prizes and rewards: 47,000 rupees per month
Application deadline: 01/21-2022
Application mode: Online applications only
Short link: www.b4s.in/tt/KCA3

Cretan Fellowship 2021

Kriti Fellowship 2021 is an initiative of The Hyphen in partnership with WeCare and Discovery Village to provide opportunities for young artists to create art to create meaningful change in society. Under this fellowship, 25 young artists under the age of 30 will be provided with mentorship, a scholarship of Rs 1,000 each, and the opportunity to be part of the museum industry.

Eligibility – Eligibility: Open to Indian artists under the age of 30.
Prizes and Rewards: Grant 1 lakh rupees and mentorship benefits
Application deadline: B31-01-2022
Request the situation: Online applications only
Short URL: www.b4s.in/tt/KRF1

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