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Applications for the 2022 SRT College Scholarship Program are now available, according to information provided by SRT.

Five local scholarships totaling $8,500 will be awarded to students in 2022. In addition, SRT partners with the Rural Services Foundation to offer national scholarships. The SRT College Scholarship Program awards four scholarships worth $1,500. The program assesses community participation, school activities, response to the essay, and grade point average. The SRT Technical Scholarship will award $2,500 to one student. This scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students studying communications or other computer technology related fields. SRT is also proud to partner as a member of the Rural Service Foundation to participate in the National Scholarship Program that can provide local students with scholarships. Students who submit an FRS application are eligible for several National Scholarship opportunities.

“SRT and our Board of Directors are committed to helping young people continue their education to reach their full potential in school and throughout life,” SRT CEO/General Manager Cassidy Helmstad said. “We strongly encourage students to apply for all of our scholarship opportunities. These scholarships can open doors for many students, and we are happy to help.”

Applications are available at district schools, SRT offices, and online at srt.com/srtcares. Applications for FRS scholarships are due on February 25 and applications for SRT scholarships are due on March 4. Scholarship recipients will be announced in April. A lunch will be held for the winners.

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