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bear with me. This becomes confusing. It is better to get used to it.

But there appears to be a chance that former LSU quarterback Max Johnson will emerge from the transfer gate and end up at Texas A&M.

If so, it would be Max playing for the Texas A&M team that he should remember from the last pass of his LSU career — a 28-yard touchdown hit to Jaray Jenkins — that upset Agies just before the bell.

Nothing official yet. But Max’s younger brother, Jake, who was previously tight-lipped “committed” to joining him at LSU, actually signed up for a scholarship with A&M on Wednesday (and as of — let me check — 2:47 p.m. CST on Thursday, no They enter the diversion after the port).

Of course, there is other speculation that Max may have ended up in Florida, his mother-in-law.

In this scenario, the next one Max can come throws a collective pass against The LSU team he’s left behind since the Tigers opened next season against the Seminoles at Ceasar’s Superdome in New Orleans.

Oh, and that’s just – via Twitter, of course, which is where most college football is done these days – but former Tiger quarterback Miles Brennan has staggered out the gate, changing his status back to the current “Tiger” for the season. Sixth eligibility.

Meanwhile, former LSU No. 1 quarterback Eli Rex walked out the gate, surveyed the landscape, and to no one’s surprise cast his share with Alabama.

These are just a few potential aftershocks to the strange new world that college football woke up to on National Signature Day on Wednesday.

Once close to federal leave mode, it now appears that NSD doesn’t really mean squatting.

This can only be good for the soul of America, though the cure may be worse than the affliction.

What we got Wednesday has been brewing for a while. But that day may almost be considered the moment the NCAA revealed its master plan, raising its hands and letting inmates run its own asylum.

Just do what you want to do. We do not care!

It’s been brewing since college athletes shockingly realized that some adults got rich by fun and games while being tormented by free higher education.

Then it was noted that while wealthy coaches could move on to more lucrative opportunities whenever they wished, athletes sometimes had to sit for a year before they scratched the next itch.

They aren’t the first generation to wonder if life doesn’t seem fairer at 45 than when you’re barely out of high school. Only the first to make their way.

So these nifty lists of 25 freshmen are just career starting points—they could all be at the gate heading elsewhere before next week.

You definitely don’t want to

We see imprisonment, Follow B3 from B 1

To enroll a lot of students in high school – you have to leave room for gate selection.

There are currently over 1000 college football players in this transfer portal. This is enough to store the complete lists of the entire conference. Assuming everyone is planning to be a beginner on their next stop, this is a 45-50 lineup.

The Southeast Conference, which you think is a destination, has five of his teams start The quarterback of this season is now in the gate and looking elsewhere.

And wait until the bowl games are over. Those who don’t opt ​​for it may just be auditioning.

Some compare it to NFL Free Agency.

Which is nonsense.

It is not a free agency. They are full contact music chairs.

The NFL must at least operate under legal contracts.

The college game has nothing more to respond to than the whims of 18-21-year-olds (sometimes 25-30-year-olds where no one is out of date anymore).

They don’t even have to deal with a full buy-out like these greedy coaches running up and down.

It’s a whole new world.

We don’t know where it’s headed, but it’s uncharted territory.

We just know that Nick Saban and Alabama would handle it better than anyone else.

hobbs scooter Covers LSU athletics. Email it to scooter.hobbs@americanpress.com


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