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Seabury Hall announces full tuition scholarship for student of Hawaiian ancestry

Jan 14 2022 2:45 PM HST

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Seabury Hall is now accepting applications for the Maunalei Hawaiian Ancestry Scholarship, which provides four years of full tuition for a new student entering the ninth grade.

Students can apply for the scholarship at: seaburyhall.org/admissions/apply-now. The deadline to complete the application process and submit all application materials is January 31, 2022.

“We are grateful to the generous donors who have offered the Maunalei Hawaiian Ancestry Scholarship to students who may not be able to attend Seabury Hall,” said Director of Admissions Elaine Nelson.

Kalaʻi Anderson, one of the Maunalei Hawaiian Ancestry Scholarship recipients said, “The Maunalei Scholarship gave me the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe place, without having to worry about finances. I was able to expand and improve my knowledge mathematically, socializing and preparing for life after high school. It was not any This would not be possible without the Maunalei Scholarship and Ohana and I will forever appreciate the opportunities you have provided us.” Anderson is a 2021 graduate of Seabury Hall and currently teaches at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

For more information, please contact the admissions office at: [email protected]

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Seabury Hall is a private college prep school serving students in grades 5-12, in Makawao, Hawaii since 1964.

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Seabury Hall has been designated Maui’s first Blue Ribbon school by the US Department of Education and is the Malone Family Foundation School.



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