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Seminary of the Southwest Announces Expansive New Scholarship Fund – Episcopal News Service

Southwest Seminary Launches ‘Pastoral Leadership Initiative’ to Provide Major Financial Support to Seminary Students

The scholarship from the Episcopal Foundation in Texas allows students in need to receive scholarship funds to pay for housing, insurance, and other costs

Austin, Texas – January 31, 2022 – southwest school (Southwest) announces the receipt of a grant from Episcopal Institution in Texas (Electronic Fund Transfer) which will establish “Pastoral Leadership InitiativeThis transformative support will allow Southwest to provide meaningful cost-of-living support to academic students pursuing a Master of Divinity or Diploma in Anglican Studies at Southwest Divinity School. These funds will help current and future eligible students through subsidizing rent, health insurance, books, child care, and costs Others associated with attending a residential religious school.

“Providing additional financial support to students at the Seminary of the Southwest meets the need to have strong graphic leaders for the Church of the Future,” he said. Very Reverend Cynthia Briggs KitteridgeThe Dean and the President. When they come to Austin to be shaped to lead this community, they will experience less economic stress during their studies and in their early years of service. We are grateful to the Episcopal Foundation in Texas for allowing us to be able to provide this important support to those called to study with this dynamic college in Southwest’s distinguished programs.”

In combination with the current Southwest scholarship programs that cover the entire cost of tuition, the immediate objective of Pastoral Leadership Initiative It is the removal of the most important financial barriers for those on their journey to the priesthood. By including often-overlooked costs such as health care and childcare, the fund’s overall goal is to help attract a broader and more diverse group of candidates, including those with families or other financial constraints that make attending a residential seminary difficult.

“Our students are giving up their paid work and homes to come to religious school, and every year their costs go up, especially health insurance for them and their families,” he said. Reverend Hope PinkoDirector of Registration and Admission Department. This support will help them plan their future ministry without increasing their debt burden year after year during school. Knowing that many of their costs will be covered will help them focus on their studies without being distracted from wondering how to make ends meet.”

“Church work has always needed more dedicated and well-educated priests,” he said, “and the Seminary of the Southwest plays a vital role in preparing new clergy for service in Texas and beyond.” Bruce McDonald, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Episcopal Foundation of Texas. “The institution is committed to helping the Seminary support a larger group of students who have been called up to priestly service, as part of its mission to support the Southwest and other institutions of the Diocese of Texas.”

The money you created Pastoral Leadership Initiative Disbursement will begin in the fall 2022 semester. With growing calls to address the priest shortage—and to help the church-wide need for increased diversity—leadership in the Southwest is supportive and optimistic about the implications of this investment for both the Southwest and the Episcopal Church as a whole.

“This is an important moment for the Southwest School and the broader church,” Kittridge said, “These leaders will make a difference in the church across the country and around the world.”


About Southwest School

Rooted in Christ’s Reconciliation Service, the mission of the Divinity School in the Southwest is to form people for the callings of service, service, and healing. Founded in Austin, Texas, in 1952 by Bishop John Haynes, Southwest School is one of 10 accredited religious schools in the Episcopal Church.

The insight and creativity with which the Seminary of the Southwest deals with the Christian tradition with the reality of the contemporary world makes it a leader among institutions of higher learning, both within the Episcopal Church and beyond. Powered by innovative teaching and research, Southwest forms serving leaders who serve in a diverse culture with confidence and humility. The seminary has the financial and spiritual capacity to discern and develop new programs to advance God’s mission of healing and reconciliation.

The southwest provides an excellent housing configuration for the ordained ministry; Possess a required Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Offers professional master’s degrees for professionals and church leaders in a range of religious denominations and traditions; It serves the Church through innovative models of local upbringing and continuous training.

About the Episcopal Institution of Texas

The primary mission of the Episcopal Foundation of Texas is to provide financial support for religious, educational, and charitable purposes to eight specific institutions supported by the Episcopal Conference in Texas: Camp Allen, El Buen Samaritano, Southwest School, St. Vincent’s House, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, and Episcopal High School in Houston, the Bishop Quinn Foundation, and the University of the South. Since its founding in 1982, more than $92 million has been paid out in grants. With a current market value of over $93 million, the Episcopal Foundation of Texas continues to honor the memory of its benefactor, H.H. Coffield, in its service to the people and organizations that the diocese supports.

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