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Senior Greta Markey Earns Marshall Scholarship – News

December 13, 2021

Greta Markey of Carnegie Mellon University has been selected as the recipient of the highly competitive Marshall Scholarship, which is awarded to fewer than 50 Americans each year to fund graduate education in the UK. She is the fifth CMU student to receive the award since 1955.

Markey, a double major in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Engineering and Public Policy (EPP), will study Environment and International Development at the University of East Anglia and its Water Security Research Centre.

Markey said her experience at Carnegie Mellon University prepared her well for scholarship interviews and helped her stand out amid the competition. She cited the value of her research experience in the CMU Mechanical and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which taught her to develop funding proposals, manage grant money, and publish research.

“It all paid off,” she said. “I am so proud and grateful to be joining such an amazing and inspiring group of Marshall Scholar’s peers.”

The Marshall Scholarship is a step towards Marche’s goals for a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and became a professor. Her career inspiration comes from mentorship from CEE Professor Kelvin Gregory – who helped her discover her passion for water resources and research – and EPP Professor Daniel Armanios – who suggested she apply for the award and also helped guide Markey on her path to becoming an independent engineering researcher focused on social justice.

“CEE is proud of Greta, as she will bring her passion, knowledge and ability to work across disciplines to the UK as a Marshall Scholar,” said Dave Dzumpak, Professor at Hammerschlag University and Head of the Department of Central and Eastern Europe. “Her drive to improve the quality of life for people through civil and environmental engineering exemplifies the leadership for which the scholarship recipient is known.”

Markey said her interdisciplinary education at CMU gave her the opportunity to combine her interests in social justice, international relations and engineering.

“without [my undergraduate experience]I don’t even know where to start framing the problems I want to work on solving for the rest of my life.”

Markey also participated in the Washington DC semester program, working on policy research that allowed her to better understand the political process. Because the Marshall Scholarship focuses on relationships and leadership between the United States and the United Kingdom, her real-world experience has helped her set her apart from other applicants.

Markey worked closely with the CMU Office of Fellowships and Scholarships on her application.

Brittany Allison, who served as assistant director of Undergraduate Research and National Fellowships, said Markey will thrive as a Marshall scholar.

“Greta will be an important leader and innovative contributor at the intersection of water security research and equitable policy,” Allison said. “I have seen for myself the profound knowledge, motivation, and excitement that Greta radiates when she speaks about these issues, and I am confident she will bring these talents and more to the next group of Marshall scholars.”

Looking forward to her time in the UK, Markey said she plans to build on her interest in fair water systems engineering while gaining a historical, international and interdisciplinary context for the engineering environment – including gaining the perspectives of Aboriginal communities.

“Conflict over transboundary waters is preventing millions of people from becoming water safe around the world, and water scarcity is driving up the number of climate refugees,” she said. As she embarks on her next educational adventure, Marche will take the opportunity she has been given to work towards a better understanding of the international obstacles, influences, and barriers to community-wide water resources.

The latest category of the Marshall Scholarship Program reflects a wide range of cultural, academic, and geographic backgrounds. Among the group are LGBT advocates, award-winning artists and documentaries, and scientists conducting cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence and space travel.

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