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Sheila Passehl | Illinois Policy

At first, we were comfortable homeschooling our kids for the duration of their education. Then, when our son grew up, we felt that it was very useful for him to be in school. ”

“He has four sisters. While I was home schooling, we got to a point where he needed to do more than spend every day with my mom and four sisters.”

“I was hesitant and held back from wanting to enroll him in school because I felt as if I was putting my problem on someone else. … But whenever my husband and I talked about it, my son kept asking if he could go to school.”

“We were not comfortable with him going to the public school in our area, because it was not known to be a good school. We thought that the private schools were out of our financial reach.”

We explained to our son, ‘We are willing and willing to make the sacrifice to send you to school and give you what you were asking for. Now, it’s time to show us that you’re going to take this seriously and that you’re going to start trying to be a better student. “

“We have five children. I am a parish secretary, and my husband is a Catholic high school teacher, so the financial aspect of private education has been very worrying for us.”

“When we came to St. tied up, or unable to send their children to their school if finances were the only obstacle.”

“We kind of went over what we could afford as a family. We got partial scholarships in year one and year two. So, we were able to make payments throughout the school year. Then this year we got full scholarships for both kids.”

“It is such a relief and a blessing. The scholarship takes the financial pressure off us, and gives us the opportunity to not have to pick and choose the sports or activities that children will be limited to doing.”

“As a teacher, my husband sees firsthand the benefit of private versus public schools, both educationally and socially. When students enter high school, they are well prepared for challenges due to smaller learning environments and more available attention being given to each student.”

“There are a lot of good public schools, but there are a lot of public schools that don’t meet the standards.”

“Special education has positively affected my children in many ways. They built friendships. They attend mass together as a school community weekly and on holy holidays.”

“It’s really nice to see the friendships they’ve made here at St. Jude. I feel they’re thriving and they’re really getting the most out of their education, and a Catholic education is so important to our family.”

“When my son came to school, we saw the change. Academically, he is doing well. He has made a lot of friends.”

“Now, there’s no problem getting him up in the morning and getting him to go to school.”

“I think if they pulled the scholarships, many Catholic schools would cease to exist. And then parents would have to send their children to public schools which I don’t think measure up to the level of private schools. So putting families in situations where they have to put their children in Public schools will flood those schools with more children. How will public schools be able to accommodate them?”

“Should we start paying more taxes to build pavilions in schools or create mobile classrooms? It doesn’t make sense that they would take these scholarships.”

“I think parents should have a choice about where they send their children, if we pay taxes and the taxes that fund education.”

“The tax credit grant program must continue so that we can continue to educate our children the way we, parents, choose to educate our children.”

“I want to be able to choose where I can send my children, and that shouldn’t be determined by whether or not we can afford it.”

Sheila Basil
Parish Secretary, Saint Jude Catholic Church
Joliet, Illinois

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