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Sig Ep to return to campus this winter

Although the brothers won’t be able to reach their former home until the summer, two development managers have temporarily relocated to Hanover to begin recruiting new members.

by Lauren Adler | 39 minutes ago

after Three years of absence Off campus, the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will be returning to Webster Street this winter. Return to the original chapter scheduled for fall 2020, I was Delayed by more than a year due to COVID-19, and it will start before the siblings regain access to her home this summer.

The Sig Ep house is currently used as a university residence. “There is no change in home use at this time,” Assistant Director of Residential Operations, Bernard Haskell, wrote in an email statement.

However, according to new chapter development director Jake Schozer, the reopened chapter will begin recruiting new members this term, though it won’t be possible to get home until summer. Brothers already created website and Instagram, Schozer and new chapter development director Adrian Galera temporarily relocated to Hannover to facilitate the reopening and hiring process.

“This winter has provided the best opportunity to begin interviewing students and begin recruiting,” Schuser wrote in an emailed statement, adding that he and Galera will remain in Hanover in the spring “to work with [new members] To create a healthy Sig Ep class in Dartmouth.”

Schuser writes that most of the recruitment process for Sig Ep will consist of one-on-one or small group meetings, allowing fraternity representatives to get to know potential new members in person. He also wrote that this method of recruitment should reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the process of reopening the home.

Greek Leadership Council President Brandon Chu 22 said that while Sig Ep’s recruitment will begin this winter, he expects the House to see a larger impulse class next fall when the fraternity’s main impulse cycle occurs. He added that while Sig Ep is starting the recruitment process from scratch, the fraternity is returning as an old class rather than creating a new class, as the Greek Life Office is not currently accepting new Greek homes on campus.

One unique aspect of the National Fraternity is its focus on the Balanced Man program, which the fraternity website calls “the cornerstone of the Sig Ep experience” and says provides members with “opportunities for personal growth and achievement.” The program focuses on fraternity knowledge, leadership skills, and professional growth, as well as intellectual achievement, physical health, and wellness—including maintaining a fraternity-free role.

“You can’t drink your way to peer solidarity, empowerment, ownership, or purposeful relationships,” wrote Isaiah Berg, Vice President of Sig Ep alumni finance and foundation board, Isaiah Berg ’11. “How many private Dartmouth treasures or future prospects are created or preserved by alcohol? Nobody. There is room for a new kind of brotherhood at Dartmouth centered on principles.”

In order to attract students to the Balanced Man program, the fraternity offers $2,000 Balanced Man scholarships “to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, and a commitment to their health and well-being,” according to the fraternity’s website. All students who identify as men and who have a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible for the scholarship, regardless of their intentions to join the fraternity.

Tommy Corrado 25, whose father was a member of Villanova’s Sig Ep, said he was excited to hear the fraternity return to campus and that he “definitely plans to rush next year.” However, he said Sig Ep’s lack of existing members may deter potential new members hoping to form connections with VIPs, and their no-material policy may be “unattractive” to some students.

“Maybe some people are looking for a dry fraternity to still have all the pluses and benefits of having a sibling and have a group of people who support you, but don’t have alcohol, which might be really fun and valuable for some people,” he said. “Exciting to see [Sig Ep] Go back and just have another option.”

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