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SIU Women’s Club is accepting scholarship applications

January 11 2022

SIU Women’s Club accepts scholarship applications

by Kristi Mathis

Carbondale, Illinois – The SIU Women’s Club is now accepting applications for two scholarships: the Dorothy Morris Traditional Student Scholarship and the Joyce Guyon Unconventional Scholarship.

Each of the annual scholarships is worth $2,000. The scholarship application deadline is January 31. The scholarships are open to all female undergraduate students who are enrolled in a degree program at SIU Carbondale, have a minimum of 24 credits earned at the university, and have a GPA of at least 3.0. Preference is given to applicants who will attain a higher ranking at the end of the Spring 2022 semester.

Apply now

Applicants must first complete the SIU General Scholarship Application, available online at scholarships.siu.edu/general-application.php. Click on “SIU Scholarship Opportunity Manager” and enter “SIU Women’s Club” in the search box to access the two scholarship applications and additional information.

Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, goals and career aspirations, leadership experience, references, and financial need. The Dorothy Morris Traditional Student Scholarship goes to a student who is college educated within a few years of graduating from high school while the Joyce Guyon Nontraditional Student Scholarship is awarded to a woman whose college education is somehow interrupted.

More details

For additional information, contact Debra Sarvela, SIU Women’s Club Scholarship Director, at debsarvela@gmail.com or by calling 618-318-7178.

The SIU Women’s Club, dating back to 1938, is a social organization for women with a professional or personal relationship with the university and sponsors a variety of special events, excursions, and interest groups. The organization is offering scholarships in honor of two of the university’s “first ladies” who have strongly celebrated women in academics.


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