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Six wrong advices to never take during university

When you are in a university, you experience a different environment than the previous institutes. You have people from different parts of the country, so it is a better learning experience. Besides these things, you will find people who will advise you about college life. Some of them would be right. For example, seniors helping you with tests, assignments and presentations. But many of them will give you advice that will be counterproductive to your studies and growth during university. Here are some tips you should never take.

GPA does not matter

You will find many seniors and colleagues telling you that your GPA is just a numbers game and has no bearing on your career. Well, this may be true in a few cases. But a low GPA will not make you an outstanding student in your class, it may affect your career, and it will not give you admission to a master’s degree. Considering international scholarships, you will reduce your chances of being accepted. When you apply abroad, the only authentic criterion for them to judge you is your cumulative grade point average (CGPA). They are looking for individuals with high degrees who can handle competent international requirements. Furthermore, many workplaces check your GPA to determine your excellence in this field. Finally, if you are applying for a master’s or doctoral degree. In the country, you have a small field if you do not have a good GPA.

University is everything chilling

There will certainly be people, for whom the university is just a place to relax. They come to campus to meet their friends and that’s it. They generally have no knowledge of the categories. Moreover, they advise others to do the same. If you follow them, you will face a lack of attendance at the end of the semester or you will fail the test because you don’t know what the teacher taught you. So, instead of listening to them, manage your playing and studying time in a balanced way.

Don’t study every day

Daily study is not encouraged by a class of people. They make you feel overly conscious about your studies and that you dread exams, etc. In general, students do not have this habit of preparing their lectures every day because what is this paper night? This is a bad habit that will affect you in your higher studies and career. If you don’t want to spend an entire day studying, take at least an hour or two to work on the notes you wrote and review what the professor taught you.

Don’t spend time on hangouts and other activities

There are two categories of students at the university. First, who will tell you to study all day, and second, who will tell you that college life is all about hanging out and being comfortable. You don’t have to listen to both of them. Hanging out, socializing and meeting new people is just as important as studying at university. It enhances your social skills and helps you groom. So, go out and be active in other activities as well.

Stay calm in your class

There is a common misconception that class participation makes you a target student and the teacher punishes you for the exam. This is not true for all teachers. Participation in a class has its own course grades which must be earned through fruitful contributions in lectures. If not, it definitely makes you a good student in the teacher’s eyes. If you have those teachers who want you to be quiet during class, you’ll find out after the first or second lecture. But mostly you have to participate in class to understand the lecture better.

Study makes you theta

The students who study each time are rated as theta by the other students. Personally, don’t be theta because they don’t give importance to any other activity except study. Learning comes through various sources and study is one of those. So, don’t stop studying because you will be called theta. Instead, balance your studies with other activities.


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