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SMU student stalked peer, hacked her boyfriend’s email account and used info to drive them apart

SINGAPORE – When Sean Sinclair Lau Wei Kate, a fellow Singapore Management University (SMU) met her boyfriend on campus, he felt the other guy was taking advantage of her.

In an effort to “protect” her, Lau hacked into the woman’s friend’s email account and then sent some of his personal documents to her, which led to the couple falling out.

then lao She tried to ask her out but she refused. Then he hacked her accounts as well.

Apart from that, he used a website that now no longer exists to get leaked passwords, gained access to other people’s personal accounts and sold their sex videos for 3,500 SGD.

Lau, now 30, returned to court on Friday (December 10) for what was supposed to be a sentencing hearing, but his lawyer, Wei Pan Lee, requested an adjournment to allow more time to consider the prosecution’s requests.

Lau pleaded guilty on October 25 to six counts of unauthorized access to computer material, one count of distributing obscene videos under the Film Act, and one count of unlawful stalking.

Another 11 similar charges will be taken into account when the sentencing is scheduled for February 15 next year.

Not all of his victims could be named due to gag orders to protect their identities.

broken password

The court earlier heard that Lau stalked his SMU classmate in the second half of 2016 when he was still studying there.

In September 2016, he found her boyfriend’s email address through a Google search.

Lau then guessed his password, which was a combination of his name and date of birth. Lau had discovered the man’s birthday by combining the year from the SMU alumni email address with the day and month from his Facebook account.

After logging into a friend’s email at least 12 times within a week, Lau found a photo of him with a woman, documents from his divorce, and a video of him and a woman lying in bed, Deputy Attorney Generals (DPPs) Kumarisan Jhuhulabalan and Benjamin Saminathan told the court.

Lau downloaded the files and sent them to the man’s girlfriend. On the same day, the couple broke up.

Lau then asked the woman out but she refused “at least some of his requests,” the people’s deputies said.

He also approached her at the SMU library and asked her to forget her boyfriend. By that time, she intended to file a police report against him.

He stalked her until November 18, 2016 and also hacked her email account. He found a negative peer evaluation of a former project colleague, whom she had also previously dated, and sent a screenshot of her to her groupmate.

Lau then found her grades that school year and sent them to her classmate with a comment on her “poor grades.”

I earned 3,500 Singapore dollars selling sex videos

Separately, Lau targeted a 25-year-old man in 2017 after looking at his Instagram profile.

Lau found the victim’s email address and password on a website hosting leaked account passwords, which have since been deleted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He logged into the email account several times and saw emails from an app called Keepsafe. He then gained access to the victim’s Keepsafe account and found several sexual photos and videos there.

Among these are 109 sexual videos that the victim took with four others, including a 22-year-old woman.

Lau proceeded to download the videos to his iPhone. In August 2017, he transferred the videos to an individual on Skype using an online file upload service, and received S$3,500 for them.

It also sends videos to other users. The clips were eventually uploaded to various porn sites causing “great suffering” for the five victims, prosecutors told the court.

After watching the videos, Lau decided to search the 22-year-old woman’s accounts to find more material.

He used the website again to find the leaked password and was able to log into her email and Snapchat accounts, but found nothing of interest to him.

Lau also came across the profile of a 20-year-old student on Instagram, despite not knowing her personally. He obtained her email address and password, then logged into her Dropbox account in March 2018.

He found at least four sex videos of her with her ex-boyfriend, and downloaded them for his personal consumption.

The court documents did not say how all of his crimes surfaced or when he was arrested.

Lau has been held in pretrial detention since pleading guilty in October.

Those convicted of stalking can be jailed for up to a year or fined up to S$5,000, or punished with both.

For distributing obscene videos, Lau can be imprisoned for up to two years or a fine of up to 80,000 Singapore dollars, or both. For illegal access to computer materials, he can be imprisoned for up to two years or a fine of up to S$5,000, or both.


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