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Some Family Island schools will see full in-person learning, with NP following closely behind – Eye Witness News

The Ministry of Education is also working with BTVI on a program to engage students after high school

Nassau, Bahamas – With coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continuing to decline nationally, students at some Family Island schools could return fully to face-to-face learning by the end of the week or Monday.

The same possibility could happen to students in New Providence in the coming weeks if the COVID trend continues.

Once this week ends, we will likely increase enrollment rates to the point where we may have some schools fully operational.

Director of Education, Marcellus Taylor

Director of Education, Marcellus Taylor, said: eyewitness news The decision was conditioned on the advice of the health authorities.

“Once we have whatever statement we get from the health and the assurances they give us in terms of ‘you can go forward, the number of COVID-19 cases goes down, the hospital capacity is resolved’… you will soon see an increase in the number of students, the number of students coming into Campus [on] Taylor said.

“Once this week ends, we will likely increase enrollment rates to the point where we may have some schools fully operational face-to-face.

“If not by the end of this week, surely on Monday, as long as everything remains as it is.

“Then in New Providence, you know the process is going to be a little slower because there’s more logistics to work with, but ramp up that too.”

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the Bahamas continued on a downward trend.

There were some concerns about the upcoming school schedule, with some parents asserting that two days of in-person learning was not enough for their children to engage in education.

Education Director Marcellus Taylor.

The Director of Education confirmed that the decision to reduce the number of days students spend in classrooms depends on the need to mitigate cases of coronavirus infection in the event of mutations, as was the case with the Delta and Omicron variables, in conjunction with the third and fourth wave variables, respectively.

He stressed that the goal of teachers and the Ministry of Health is to return as many students as possible to the classroom safely.

The next few weeks will establish whether there are learning deficiencies and gaps that need intervention, according to Taylor, who said the department is developing programs to address the learning gaps.

The department has also engaged the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) to revive some technical programs that would provide opportunities for students who drop out of high school.

According to officials, a program with a group of employers is expected to be launched this year for hundreds of graduating students to find work immediately.

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