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Some fast facts about New York City charter schools

Charter schools are independently run public schools that are responsible for promoting student achievement.

New York City’s 267 independent schools are independent of the New York City Department of Education, but if they do not meet certain standards for student achievement, they can be closed. This combination of freedom and accountability allows legal teachers to tailor their classes based on the needs of their students with the pressure of high academic achievement.

Charter schools in New York City are becoming a popular choice for many students, especially from minorities and economically disadvantaged families. Charter schools offer students opportunities for academic success which unfortunately cannot be said for some of the city’s public schools.

We’ve included a list of charter school benefits below to help you and your family think about whether charter school is the right fit for your student!

NYC charters outperform other public schools

According to statistics from the 2019 New York State Examinations, 63% of charter students in grades three through eight passed the state exam for mathematics, and 57% of the top students were proficient in English Language Arts.

New York accredited students outperform their traditional public school peers: 46% of traditional public school students passed the state exam for mathematics and 47% of those students were proficient in English language arts.

New York City charters don’t work at the expense of area schools

There is a common myth that with the success of charter schools in New York, the city’s traditional public schools fail as a result.

A 2018 study conducted by the Manhattan Institute concluded that “Competition from charter schools in New York City has no positive effect or effect,” In the city’s traditional public schools.

In fact, the district’s schools have improved significantly as charter schools have spread throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Funding for area schools has also increased as the number of students in charter schools has increased over the years.

Charter schools are specialized, without tuition costs

Chartered teachers adapt their classes and teaching methods to the current needs of their students. This freedom in curricula, teaching style, school assignments, and policies is similar to that of private schools, enabling charter schools to offer academics the best approach to their students.

Although teachers are flexible, charter schools are responsible for their high levels of academic achievement. If charter institutions perform poorly, they can be closed.

Independent schools have ample funding

$16,123 per pupil is spent at charter schools in New York (according to the latest NYSED public school data). Although this is lower than the average funding per pupil in traditional district schools, it is clear that charter schools and teachers are making the most of their budget.

This funding by the not-for-profit Boards of Trustees means that parents of charter students don’t have to spend money out of their own pockets to ensure their kids get a great education!

Charter School does not choose its students

charter schools in New York City accept students through a lottery system; They cannot choose their students. This process gives students of all educational backgrounds and levels an equal opportunity to attend and achieve academic success at charter schools.

Charter students had access to great education despite COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York, charter schools across the five boroughs immediately transitioned to distance learning that adapts to the needs of students in each classroom.

75% of New York charter schools established a distance learning procedure before the March 2020 closure. Charter students had to wait an average of three days to start distance learning after the in-person learning closed.

Both independent students and teachers had the tools to continue learning and teaching from home. 80% of New York charter schools provided students with distance learning devices before schools closed and 98% of charter school teachers in New York had the technology to conduct distance learning.

Charter schools have been able to keep students accountable and maintain a high standard of learning despite COVID-19 and its repercussions on education. 85% of New York charter schools have continued to offer new educational content to students through the pandemic, and charter schools were three times more likely to attend remote classes than traditional schools.

Charter schools have also expanded non-academic programs such as social and emotional counseling and family outreach during the pandemic. 75% of chartered teachers increased their working hours during distance learning and 91% of freelance teachers increased the time they spent communicating with families during the pandemic.

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