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Sonny Dykes, LaDainian Tomlinson give thoughts on crowded NCAA transfer portal

Fort WorthSony Dix He benefited from landing talent in the Dallas area via the NCAA Transfer portal during his tenure as head coach at SMU. Dykes, who was introduced as TCU’s new soccer coach Tuesday morning, plans to continue that trend as it’s located on the other side of the metroplex, and there certainly won’t be any shortage of talent to grab given the current gate count.

According to Sports 247 sources, 102 FBS players entered the NCAA transfer portal on Monday, representing more than 15% of the portal’s total active players.. That number only increased on Tuesday with an additional 46 coming in by noon ET, according to sources.

The growing trend of mobile gamers has been welcomed by some and deplored by others, and many equate the phenomenon with the free agency college football version. Dykes certainly aren’t fascinated by seeing the names trickling down the gate on the first Monday after the regular season. This isn’t the first rodeo.

“It’s definitely the time of year (and that’s a factor),” Dykes told 247Sports Tuesday when asked about the flow of entries on Monday. “People are going to look for new opportunities and make a move. I think you have to try to – first – manage your list and know where you are and what your needs are. It is very important to have a plan when you are looking at the possibility of making a conversion. Then you have to know them and make sure it fits. So there is. Already a process to see if it would be the right thing for your program.”

At SMU, the people of the area led those captured by the Dykes through the gate and presided over success with them. One of the notables was the former Texas Longhorns quarterback Shane Boyshell, a native of Arlington, Texas, returned to the Metroplex after falling behind for the former Texas team Sam Ellinger On a depth chart in Austin. It worked out well, throwing Buechele for more than 7,000 yards and 57 touchdown passes in two seasons as the Mustangs’ start before finding his way into the Kansas City Chiefs this season.

At the same time, this trend of players cycling from school to school evokes mixed feelings. The TCU football legend and NFL Hall of Fame, who was present at the Dykes’ introductory press conference on Tuesday, warned players — specifically, scholarship athletes — of some dangers of entering the gate if they don’t already have a plan in the works.

“You know, he’s a little disappointed,” Tomlinson told reporters. “One thing I know: As much as kids want to move and move around and as much as kids move around, there aren’t enough scholarships to offer these kids. Someone will be disqualified if I think about it. These kids thought hi, I could drop out of this school and get a scholarship at another school And I’m able to play. That’s not always the case. There aren’t enough scholarships to go.

“I think kids need to understand that make sure you get a scholarship if you’re really planning to transfer. Otherwise you might find yourself walking somewhere or going to a smaller level because you didn’t get the Division I scholarship you thought you were going to get.”

This increase can be attributed at least in part to a new NCAA policy that allows student-athletes to transition once in their careers without having to sit for a year in residence. This means that all players who enter the transfer portal for the first time will be immediately eligible at their new school as long as they meet the NCAA deadline for entry.

Admittedly, Dykes, too, has conflicting ideas at times, though he doesn’t see the Gate’s popularity dropping immediately.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” Dykes said. “The only thing you want to do is teach young people how to handle adversity and work through things. But at the same time, you want young people to have as many opportunities as possible to be as happy and succeed as possible. It is a fine line between these two things.” It’s really important, as I said earlier, to understand why someone is there. Oftentimes, they are (at the gate) because they may have had problems at their school, or there was some negative thing that drove them to the gate.

“Other times, someone might be sick at home or maybe there was a change in training. Maybe someone went there for a certain coach who is no longer around. Or they went there for a different reason and it turned out to be a little different than they thought. Like everything else in Employment, you have to do a lot of homework and you always have to manage your list.”

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The NCAA introduced the transfer portal on October 15, 2018, providing athletes with a path to explore their options. Players do not need to ask permission from their coaching staff in order to move. They only need to request compliance by entering their name. Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours for a player to appear at their request. Schools are free to contact the player without restrictions once their name appears in the portal.


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