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Spain Hits All-Time Low in Early School Dropout of Female Students, Data Show

Fewer women are leaving education and studies in Spain, data from the Education Ministry reveals, as the rates of early school dropouts in the country dropped to 9.6 per cent – ​​the lowest figure in the country’s history.

According to the authority, the number of school dropouts for women of age 18 to 24 has dropped by 1.7 percentage points compared to the average of European women in 2020 – a figure that used to be 10.4 percentage points higher just a decade ago, SchengenVisaInfo. com reports.

The Spanish Minister of Education, Pilar Alegria, applauded the news and called on the community to support women in education more.

“We must help girls, young women, adults, to be brave, accept mistakes, feel worthy of success, trust our knowledge and, above all, love ourselves imperfect. This change of emotional culture requires the participation of the whole of society,” she said.

Furthermore, data shows a positive trend in enrollment rates, as 48.6 per cent of students in Compulsory Secondary Education for 2019/2020 were women. Higher rates of enrollment among women were also noticed for tertiary level education, as they made up 53.7 per cent of the total.

However, the number of female students isn’t even distributed in all programs as more enrollments were noticed in fields like Arts with 72.1 per cent being women; Humanities and Social Sciences where 58.2 per cent were women while the same made up for 47.5 per cent of science-related programs.

According to the first education search platform backed by AI, Erudera.com, vocational training have fewer female students – 29.8 per cent of the total students enrolled in Basic FP and 43.8 per cent in Intermediate Vocational Training, while these rates were higher for Higher Degree studies (48 per cent).

Moreover, while the vast majority of Health studies and Textile, Clothing, and Leather studies were women, 75 and 77 per cent, respectively, technical studies such as Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance and Electricity and Electronics have the least female students – only 3.4 and 3.5 per cent of all students are women.

However, the number of women on teaching staff is different as it is higher in Infant and Primary levels of education, 97.7 and 82.1 per cent, while it is lowest among university professors under 30 years of age – 52.4 per cent. In management positions in public centers, women hold 67.2 per cent of all positions, 7.6 percentage points more than a decade ago.

In addition, the PISA 2018 report shows that girls have a higher performance in global competence, which measures knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values ​​in relation to global issues, with this rate being no different in Spain, as 73 per cent of Spanish girls reach or exceed the basic level in this competition, value above 63 per cent of the boys.

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