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Spotlight on: Healthy DMU

This week, we’re highlighting the wide range of support and guidance available to each of our students from DMU Health.

Our DMU health center provides all students with hints and tips on staying well mentally and physically, along with access to key classes, and advice about support packages such as Disability Student Allowance (DSA) and Single Point of Access (SPA) appointments (in particular, 45-minute appointments to discuss your case with a support staff).

University, especially in the current climate, can be a busy and stressful time, so we want to make sure you have all the tools to make your experience positive, enjoyable and enjoyable.

Healthy DMU is here for everything you could need. For example, did you know that during lockdown when students told us they struggled to make connections, Healthy DMU launched a series of online master classes called “Positive Mindsets” so students could learn ways to engage and connect with others at DMU?

Taking time for yourself and practicing self-care is one of the most beneficial components of maintaining your physical and mental health, and DMU Health Center has plenty of resources to support you with that.

Taking care of your physical health is also vital, and can help you feel positive and motivated and boost your mental health. There are several ways to get active, regardless of your current fitness level. Take a look at this activity page to start your luxury journey today.

You can learn more by visiting the DMU Health Center, or by following Healthy DMU at Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been helped by Healthy DMU during your time here, we’d love to hear about it – feel free to tweet, post, or email us using #HealthyDMU and tagging Tweet embed (Twitter) or healthydmu (Instagram).

Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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