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Stadium Info & Policies | Game Day

Game Day can be a once in a lifetime experience for some and a time-honored tradition for others. Notre Dame welcomes all guests and works to create an enjoyable experience for all.

While you are a guest at the university, here is our website Courtesy Instructions:

Notre Dame is committed

  • Health and safety are our top priority
  • spirit of hospitality
  • Excited fan support
  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • good sportsmanship

unacceptable behavior

  • Rude behavior towards other guests or stadium personnel
  • disruptive, unruly, or intoxicating behavior
  • Vulgar or abusive language or vulgar gestures
  • Possession of alcohol at Notre Dame stadium
  • Use of tobacco, e-cigarettes or smoking on Notre Dame Stadium

Guests who exhibit unacceptable behavior will be subject to penalties, including denial of entry, deportation, and/or arrest.

Gates and doors open

  • The Notre Dame gates (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) open 90 minutes before kick-off each day.
  • Duncan Student Center, Corbett Family Hall and O’Neill Hall Hospitality doors open two hours before each game day kicks off.

cashless place

Not all vendors and concession stands inside Notre Dame will accept cash anymore. Payment will be accepted in the form of a credit or debit card.

LaFortune restaurants will not accept cash on football weekends Friday and Saturday, except for the Huddle Mart which accepts cash from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Guests can place orders through the Grubhub app and kiosks.

Here’s what to expect, too.


Wi-Fi is available at Notre Dame Stadium in NDStadium17 network.

metal detectors

Notre Dame stadium uses metal detectors at all entrances.

After baggage screening, guests will pass through metal detectors and then scan tickets to enter the venue. Participants will not be required to remove belts, cell phones, coins, jackets, jewellery, watches, purses, shoes or other small items.

Fans are encouraged to arrive early to ensure sufficient time for screening.

Allowed and Prohibited Substances

Saturdays football at Notre Dame is an enjoyable experience and the university strives to ensure that all areas on campus are safe during your visit. We encourage you to review Notre Dame’s see-through bag policy while planning your trip to campus! A clear bag policy applies to all reserve-ticket events at Notre Dame, including Corbett Family Hall, O’Neill Hall, Duncan Student Center during weekends and select events, Purcell Pavilion at Joyce Center, and Compton Family Ice Arena.

Allowed items

When planning your visit, please note the following permissible Inside Notre Dame Stadium, Duncan Student Center, Corbett Family Hall, or O’Neill Hall during home games weekends and select events:

  • binoculars
  • blankets
  • Cameras and limited use of camcorders (no cases, must adhere to the Clear Bag Policy)
  • CDC approved masks
  • Cell phones and pagers
  • Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ with logo on one side only 4.5″ x 3.4″
  • Clutch bag, with or without handle/strap or purse not to exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″
  • Medical bags or equipment (subject to additional examination)
  • Hand sanitizer (not to exceed 4 ounces).
  • One gallon clear plastic bags (such as Ziploc or Hefty)
  • Pumps for nursing mothers (subject to additional examination)
  • radios
  • rain clothes
  • Airtight water bottles (up to two (2) bottles per person, 20 ounces or less)
  • Seat cushions not to exceed 16 x 16 inches
  • Shades

please note: Use of cameras, video cameras, cell phones, radios, and umbrellas is permitted as long as they do not jeopardize the vision or experience of others. Items allowed above, including nappies, wipes, and other supplies for infants and young children, must be placed in an approved clear bag.

prohibited substances

When planning your visit, please note the following Not Permitted within Notre Dame Stadium, Duncan Student Center, Corbett Family Hall, or O’Neill Hall during weekends in home games and select events:

  • alcohol
  • artificial noise makers
  • Bags, including, but not limited to, bags larger than a clutch, coolers, pouches, backpacks, flex bags, drawstring/tight pouches, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags, binoculars cases, diaper bags Grocery bags, and bags that are larger than the size allowed in the clear bag policy.
  • Glass cans or bottles
  • Drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • food or drink
  • GoPro or selfie stick
  • large containers
  • laser pointers or pen
  • lighters
  • Banners or banners
  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes (St. Joseph County Code)
  • Stadium chairs or seat backs (unless there is a medical reason with documentation)
  • baby carriages
  • Clear, plastic, empty water bowls of any size (forbidden to students and public fans)
  • Throw anything anytime
  • Any other items deemed dangerous or inappropriate

please note: Notre Dame is not allowed to leave the stadium to re-enter the stadium.

Safety and security rules will be strictly enforced and violators may be removed for non-compliance. Future ticket privileges may be revoked.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Notre Dame Stadium or on the Central Campus. Alcohol is only allowed in premium, rear seating areas.

The use of weapons of any kind is prohibited on campus.

please note: The university prohibits any use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones on campus. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits the operation of any UAS within a 5-mile radius of the airport. Due to the university’s proximity to South Bend International Airport (SBN), any use of drones on campus is strictly prohibited.

the University Do Not Allow solicit or sell items On campus or in parking lots.

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