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‘Stay CYS’: Scholarship program offers classes, promotion potential | Article

SEMBACH, Germany — early childhood education courses are a requirement to move through the ranks at Child and Youth Services, and a scholarship program is available to help employees get there.

Since the program began across Installation Management Command Europe in 2014, more than 1,400 garrison CYS employees have taken advantage of the program to further their careers.

The scholarship program was put in place to improve morale, performance and retention, and to build employees’ promotion potential, said Joan Thomas, IMCOM-Europe CYS program manager. It’s a way for employees to go from caregiver to center director.

To be eligible, employees need to be current on their installation training requirements, to have been on board for at least three months and to remain with CYS at least six months after completion of their courses. Interested applicants should talk to their local training coordinator and complete an application that will go through their chain of command for approval up to Thomas.

Through Central Texas College, scholarship recipients can apply for a scholarship for up to 24 credit hours paid for by CYS. Classes include topics such as administration of children’s programs, working with children with special needs, mentoring, technology, and deployment and military families.

For community members who aren’t yet a part of the CYS family, March 15 will offer another opportunity to apply for interested positions across IMCOM-Europe garrisons. A hiring fair will take place that day at each garrison – either virtually or in person. Information on the upcoming hiring fair will be available through your local garrison MWR website.

Here is what some of the scholarship participants have had to say:

“With every class I take it gives me a better understanding of my job, children and parents with knowing how to communicate and work to be effective in what I do.”

“It gives you ideas on the things you can do to improve your classroom. Also gives you the tools to become a well-rounded teacher.”

“Taking these courses and obtaining the knowledge provided, I have decided to pursue a career in early childhood education.”

“With these courses I have been able to move up from a CYPA to a Supervisory Program Specialist. I am very proud of what I have done by taking these courses.”

“The scholarship has given me an opportunity to further my education, it has been difficult with moving around from place to place with my active duty spouse, this will help me greatly in my future goals.”


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