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Stop The Spread: Student Academic FAQs

Academic calendar and exams

When classes begin August 25, 2021, all courses will be offered according to the delivery mode currently shown on MyMadison.

Attending the course

JMU does not have a university-wide policy on attendance, as attendance is closely related to the faculty’s teaching methods and discipline. At the same time, all faculty members are required to develop their own policies for their courses and to share these policies with their students.

Yes. If you have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID-19, you must self-report through the University Health Center website, using the “Self-report COVID-19” button on the front page. This is the process required even if you are taking online courses, whether you live in Harrisonburg or elsewhere.

We work actively to provide students with good options for participating in classes if they cannot physically attend. The way this can work will vary by course, and some courses may not have great solutions (eg a piano workshop or instrumentation course where students need to work with a specialized piece of equipment).

If you become ill and cannot attend courses, in many circumstances you can work with faculty to complete course materials even though you may not be able to come to class. Each case is treated individually, as different courses have different requirements. Teachers will work with students who are in quarantine and isolation to determine reasonable accommodation.

You may also be able to work with your teachers to obtain an “I” (incomplete) grade for courses that you were unable to complete during the semester. Information about incomplete grades is noted in the Undergraduate Catalog. Look in the section entitled Incomplete Grades. There is also a checkout option for individual courses on the same page.

If you need to withdraw from all courses and from the University for medical or other reasons, you must follow the appropriate withdrawal process as described here. More information about withdrawing from the university, including information about refunds, is available from the Dean of the Student Office.

Online Course Resources

You can start by assessing your readiness online.

Some techniques, such as software, will vary by course, so be sure to check with your instructor. For general information on the devices, see here.

Check out the resources offered by the various offices, which are grouped here.

Be sure to let your teacher know if you are having problems accessing the Internet. Libraries have collected resources to help secure reliable Internet access.

Academic support for students

Learning Centers and Libraries are here to support you in person and online! Learning Centers continue to offer tutoring, counseling, and online study sessions. Likewise, JMU’s libraries continue to help students find information on assignments and projects, as well as provide support for the transition to online learning. For support with online lessons, check out These resources.

Learning Centers:

JMU Libraries:

Online reporting will work as usual. Details are posted on the Honor Council website.

consulting services

The counseling center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To access services and speak to a counseling center physician, visit the center during business hours, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emergency services are available throughout the working day.

After normal business hours or on weekends, emergency assistance can be obtained by calling the Counseling Center at 540-568-6552 and selecting “Option 1” to call the after-hours crisis line.

For more information about services and resources, visit the counseling center website.

If you are concerned about a student, consider sending a referral from Madison Cares. Madison Cares is a central program for departments, students, parents, and community members to refer or consult on students they are interested in. It acts as an extended arm for students experiencing various levels of social, emotional, academic or mental health stress.

Anyone can submit an online referral of a student they are concerned about through the Madison Cares program. They will respond and address any concerns by providing outreach, care, university resources and direct support.

graduating students

The faculty in the program should be your first point of contact, and the Graduate School is here to help you wherever possible. We have developed a series of Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Students, which are found here.

Graduate students who have officially withdrawn from the University and wish to return for Spring 2021 should contact the Graduate School as soon as possible at grad@jmu.edu or 540-568-6131.

Yes really. All students can work with the DoS office.

international students

The Center for Global Engagement is committed to supporting international students and faculty. Visit our website (https://www.jmu.edu/global/) for the latest information.

If you are coming to Harrisonburg, International Students and Scholars Services It has all the answers and information you will need.

prospective students

Yes! JMU will maintain its current policy of accepting credit for courses with grades of “C” or higher. The Registrar’s Office will verify that students have achieved the equivalent of a “C” or higher in any course with a “Credit”, “Pass” or “Pass +”. This policy will apply to all transfer cycle business, including double enrollment credit.

Yes, the university will maintain its current policies for accepting previous learning assessments that were taken during Spring 2020. See more information about advanced modeAnd International Baccalaureate And Cambridge

For more information visit Admission to JMU

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