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How and why Lookout launches our Student Engagement Initiative

It is my pleasure to present to you Jimmy Keel, the new Lookout Manager for Student Engagement and Membership. A graduate of six years of extensive student and community outreach at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, Jamie now leads this exemplary program.

Jimmy Keel, Director of Student Engagement and Membership

(Kevin Binchod/Santa Cruz Observatory)

“We want to bring the great work done by my colleagues at Lookout to all the students in the district, and we’d love to see it used in the classroom, week after week,” says Jamie. “I am reaching out to students, student groups, faculty, and staff as quickly as possible to spread the word about our new program. We want to see students get the news and use it to better understand and participate in our community.”

Jamie – which can be accessed via jamie@lookoutlocal.com Now focused on the UCSC and Cabrillo campuses. But it does keep an eye on the broader goal: to get all college and high school students to watch — 42,000 in total, one in seven Santa Cruz County residents — in the county.

“We have been funded halfway to provide all of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District students with a lookout, and we hope to complete that soon,” says Jamie. Next, we plan to complete the student program across the province.

Already, one PVUSD school uses the Lookout app every week.

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When (SCCCU) Santa Cruz Community Credit Union (SCCCU) Katie Fairburn, its vice president of communications and organizational development, heard about Lookout, seized a new opportunity. Charter Credit Union Support Diamond Tech Institute In Watsonville, Katie made a new support for the observatory’s membership. Beth Carr, CEO of the SCCCU, has established support for Diamond Tech years ago and is one of its strongest advocates.

Marcy Keeler, Principal of Diamond Tech, recognized their value immediately, and within two weeks, students and teachers at Diamond Tech had found multiple ways to incorporate local news into their curricula.

This is the model that Lookout intends with our ambitious new programme: First Student Arrival. Then, integrate the curriculum as teachers see fit. Then, a suite of programs, involving students in creating media and integrating student voices into the fabric of Lookout.

How you can help: We’d like to talk to more enthusiastic individuals and companies about the Student Engagement Program. Program support can also be tax-deductible. Please contact me or Jimmy for more information and to share ideas on how to further enlarge the program.

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