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Student Experience Manager job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON

Job title

The College of Arts and Humanities is seeking to recruit a Student Experience Manager. This is an exciting role that supports the delivery of key aspects of the College’s education strategy and our commitment to an enhanced student experience.

The Student Experience Manager oversees key student engagement activities within the college, to ensure an inclusive student experience. Together with the Chief Educator, they lead the development and implementation of the College Student Experience Strategy and an Inclusion and Community Plan to address student feedback, build community, and contribute to student success. They have the primary responsibility for student orientation and the voice of students within the College.

The job holder is responsible for: introducing policies and processes to enhance the student experience; Oversee the complex issues and broader organizational dependencies relevant to the delivery of the Student Experience; He serves as the college’s disabled liaison and faculty protection officer.

The Student Experience Manager manages three Student Experience Managers who are responsible for operationalizing the College’s student experience strategy.

The job holder will work collaboratively with the Chief Educator and Wellbeing and Welfare Advisor to plan and deliver a strategic enhancement activity related to the student’s experience and student well-being and welfare. Ensure that these initiatives are in line with the college and college strategy and department priorities.

Successful candidates will have a sound knowledge of the issues facing students in higher education and a desire to improve the student experience. They will have excellent communication skills, event experience, project management experience, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

This is currently a mixed role, and the role holder will spend part of the working week on campus and part of the week working remotely.

This publication will be provided under an indefinite contract.

This is a full time job.

basic tasks

  • To present key aspects of a university education strategy with the aim of enhancing students’ experience in areas including: Building learning communities. Support students in the co-creation of their learning and in their transition in, through, and out of King’s.
  • To maintain strategic oversight of key student engagement activities and events within the College, to ensure that students’ vibrant and holistic extracurricular experience coexists with an effective academic experience, through good teamwork and communication channels so that all students can achieve their full potential.
  • To lead the development and delivery of an improved and differentiated faculty student experience strategy, which will address student feedback and take into account the strategic direction of the University. To drive implementation of the strategy through close collaboration and engagement with college and university departments, KCL Student Union (KCLSU), and other student representatives.
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of college strategy, for example, by implementing, promoting, and engaging with feedback activities such as student satisfaction surveys, ranking tables, unit notes, placement surveys, number and outcomes of student complaints and appeals, and student retention data.
  • To provide expert advice and guidance to academic and professional service staff on student experience and student engagement, and to keep abreast of relevant internal and external strategic, policy and service innovations to enrich best practices and continually drive excellence.
  • To implement, coordinate, manage and evaluate a program of cohort building activities, such as the College Friends Scheme, social events celebrating student accomplishments, history months, guest lectures and induction activities.
  • To lead the voice and representation of students, and in the Student Experience Forum, including supporting the Forum Chair.
  • To work with the College’s Senior Communications Director to develop and facilitate communications and systems (formal and informal) such as regular newsletters and urgent/important statements about the College and global issues.
  • To collaborate with the Inclusive Education Leader and Vice Dean (Education) on inclusive education and reduce achievement/grant gaps within the college.
  • To work collaboratively with the Senior Educator, Wellbeing Consultant, and Departmental colleagues to enhance the student experience and student well-being and well-being.
  • To manage Student Experience Officers, ensuring they are well supported and productive to meet team goals.
  • To act as the college’s disabled liaison and support students with disabilities through liaison between departments and services to ensure reasonable adjustments are made.
  • To serve as a College Protection Officer, have knowledge of the legal context surrounding protection and be able to advise colleagues on the processes to follow when dealing with protection issues.
  • To lead the student’s mental health, fitness for study, lack of communication, the student it may concern, and related activities and actions under 18 years of age.
  • To take primary responsibility for the Welcome to King’s (Student Orientation) activity within the College, including the Study Abroad Welcome Sessions.
  • Investigate and respond to complaints submitted by students in the college.
  • To work in close partnership with the Student Success Department to implement student success initiatives within the College to ensure better outcomes for learners, particularly those underrepresented in higher education, by negotiating and influencing key partners, including students and academic and career services staff
  • To build effective relationships, provide advice, training and support, to ensure that the student experience meets the agreed expectations of the university and students, to ensure that staff contribute to delivering a friendly, warm, inclusive and welcoming campus culture.
  • To ensure that all work is carried out in a professional and timely manner, with appropriate confidentiality and sensitivity. To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of data protection requirements, support freedom of information, and requests for substantive access.
  • To work flexibly as part of a team, support others in times of high demand, maintain oversight of resource levels and act on behalf of the Associate Director: Education as and when required.

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive, and the job holder will be required to perform such tasks and responsibilities as may be reasonably expected within the scope and grades of the job.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Basic criteria

  1. Significant experience in improving the student experience in a university environment for a diverse group of students.
  2. Ability to form professional networks with colleagues and stakeholders in the College and contribute positively to the implementation of change.
  3. Strong interpersonal skills including motivating, influencing and negotiating with a range of stakeholders.
  4. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  5. Experience in project management and change management, including developing innovative solutions and practical implementation of strategic change.
  6. A proactive and genuine approach to leadership, solid experience in direct management and creating high performance teams, including employee motivation, performance management and maintaining a positive and proactive culture of continuous review and development.
  7. Excellent task management skills for both self and others – ability to meet tight deadlines.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to use initiative, prioritize workloads, and respond positively to situations that arise in a short time.
  9. Ability to work under pressure in a crowded environment.
  10. Evidence of continuing professional development.
  11. Strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Desired criteria

  1. Gained significant management experience in a higher education environment



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